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By @Nocturne


I’m losing my mind, intellect, confidence

The hunger eats me

The tears beg to leave but I can’t let them

There’s an aching in my bones for some clarity

These bones could collapse at any time

They should, really, for that sweet relief.

I can hear the birds already

They signal the addiction taking advantage of me

I know it’s bad, I know it’s unhealthy

Now shut up while I keep my eyes open:

Sanity is a state of mind

that you achieve when you get sleep and food and idleness.

Insanity is that money-maker

squanderer of my well-being

target of teases and taunts

loser as proclaimed by some high-and-mighty a**h*le

the one person worse than everyone in the entire world.

Someone else take the reins

Everything I think is invalid

I want to give up

I want to do nothing

I thought I knew what I was doing,

like always.

I am not coherent.

I am not reasonable.

I am not a somebody.

I twiddle my thumbs.

I stick to sameness.

I am alone.

I am baseless.

I am petty.

I contribute nothing.

I admire people more than myself,

I laugh when they laugh at me.

I am responsible for it all.

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