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Moon Magic

By @rowrowrowboat

The Beginning

 I lay on my bed, looking up at the wall. I thought over the past three months, wondering why the hell this happened to me. My magic used to be pure, I had wanted to help people. Now, my magic was used to hurt, it was evil. 

   I sighed. Since tonight was the full moon, my black magic would come out to play. I could already feel the power surging through my veins, making me doubtful that I would be able to control it. Last full moon I had killed four innocent people. The look on their eyes when they realized that night would be their last would haunt me for life. I wished this time would be different, but I knew better. 

   “Lucine!” I heard my mother yell. I scratched my head, before getting up. I dragged my feet, walking downstairs to the kitchen. She stood in front of the oven. 

   “Yes?” I asked. 

   “You know what tonight is.” She said, her worry filled green eyes stared straight into my soul. 

   I knew. I definitely knew. I’d spent the last two weeks worrying about it. My mother knew about my ability when I had come home covered in blood. That had been two moons ago, but I knew my mother was still coming to terms with it. She’s a witch just like me. Except, she has good magic, not black magic. 

   “I have to put you in the basement.” She told me. As soon as she’d said that, I felt cold. A cool breeze shook me to the core. It was warning me. My mother and I both knew it wouldn’t hold me. But, that didn’t keep us from trying. “I’ll wait until after dinner, but it’s starting to get dark.”

   I could feel my hands shaking in fear. “O..okay.” I replied. 

   I pulled out one of the dining room chairs, and sat down. I watched as my mother pulled out the chicken from the oven, her hands glowing a bright yellow. It always fascinated me, seeing my mother use magic, even if it was just pulling something out of the oven without using a mit. 

   I looked up to her. My father left her when I was young. Though she doesn’t talk about him often, she says that I look like him. We both have dark brown hair, and almost black eyes. But, I do take after my mother body wise. We’re both tiny, and no matter how much chips I eat, I remain the same weight. I snap out of my thoughts when my mom sets a plate of food in front of me. My mouth waters, at the sight of chicken, mashed potatoes, and bread. I look up and smile, “Thank you.” My mom smiles back, “You’re welcome.” She pats my shoulder, then goes to grab herself a plate. 

   I pick up my fork, and start eating. 

   “How was your day sweetie?” My mom asks, as she sits in the chair across from me. 

   I shrug. “Just school.” 

   “Have they started your magic classes yet?” 

   My school is mostly for kids who can use magic. Though we keep it a secret from normal humans, every magic user is required to take classes to enhance their skills. I haven’t started my classes yet, but I’m hopeful my mom will let me stay home. “Not yet.” I reply.

   “I don’t think I’ll be keeping you in school for much longer.” She says. 

   I laugh, “Are you going to home school me?”

   My mom works as a manager at the local grocery store. Even for such a low paying job, she works twelve hour shifts. “I’ll probably have someone over here to help you.” She told me. 

  “Okay.” I continue to eat my food, but with every passing minute I feel a headache forming. I grind my teeth together, to stop myself from screaming in pain. I suddenly drop my fork, my mother’s head snaps up at me. My vision is getting blurry as I say, “It’s time.”


   I leaned my head against the basement wall, waiting for my mom to bring the chains down from the barn. My body was burning with power. I put my hand on the cold concrete floor, finding little relief. “Okay, I’m back.” I heard my mom say, as she dragged the chains towards me. I could feel my heart racing, I was terrified. My mom put her hand on my cheek. “You’ll be okay.”

   I nodded. She started wrapping the chains around my wrists. These chains were used to take away the ability to use magic. Though they never worked on me, we still tried using them every month. The pain in my skull came back with a bang. I could feel tears running down my face. After my mom finished with the chains, she kissed my forehead. “I will see you in twelve hours.” Her hand laid on my shoulder for a couple seconds, before she stood up. 

   “I’ll be okay.” I muttered, trying to convince myself rather than my mom. 

   She nodded, then walked up the stairs, closing the basement door behind her. I heard the door nob lock. I sighed. I would be okay. 

   I was okay for five minutes, until I felt my black magic surface. I screamed in agony, as it felt like I was being torn apart from the inside. Then, the pain stopped. I felt her in my mind, before I felt her completely take over. “We’re going to play, Lucy.” I heard her void voice in my mind. I sobbed. “Please, no.”

   I suddenly stood up, the movement being against my will. She laughed, breaking the chains off of my wrists. “The sooner you stop fighting me, the sooner we can get this going.” She whispered. 

   “No, please.” I sobbed even harder this time, my nose filled with snot. 

   “Come on. You know I have ways to make you.” She laughed again, this time I felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach. I screamed in pain, I would make it this time. 

   I would make it. I would make it. I would make it. 

   “We can go get your mom.” She said maniacally, making the pain disappear. 

   I paused. I would not make it. 

   I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath, as I slowly let the good magic slip away. 

   I could almost see her smile. “That’s what I thought.”


   After we busted down the basement door, we walked to the town. My black magic took over, as we searched for our prey. We looked around the park, using our power to sense others magic. Our power could separate the weak from the strong. The park was almost completely empty. 

   We stopped suddenly, sensing someone powerful. It was a small child, she had short blonde hair, and purple eyes. Our magic lulled us to her, hungry for more power. As we got closer to her, she quickly raised her hands. A burst of fire shot through her small hands, we flipped to the side, the fire only nicking our shoulder. 

   We smirked. “Hello, young one.” Raising our hands in surrender, she put her hands down. 

   “Are you going to take my magic?” Her quiet voice asked timidly. We grabbed her hands in ours. “Where’s your parents?”

   “I…I don’t know.” She stuttered. She tried moving her hands from ours, but we gripped on tight. 

   “We don’t want to kill you. We have a rule.” We explained to her, her eyes widened in fear. 

   “Please don’t.” She begged, we smiled at her. 

   She quickly tried pulling her hands from ours again, but this time we snapped our wrists. We crushed her hands, pulling the magic from her veins. She screamed, and we knew we were hurting her, but all that mattered was her power. The power was almost too much, as we held onto her hands. She was crying, begging us to stop. 

   “Help! Help me!” She screamed behind us. 

   We were too caught up, to notice a slight pinch in our neck. 

   The connection was broken, as our vision slowly blurred. We felt a kick to the back, the little girl running as fast as she could. I felt like I was being repeatedly stabbed in the head, as my black magic faded away, leaving me to fend alone. I was crying in pain, holding my head, when a deep voice said, “Look what I found.” I gave into the darkness, where I would not be in pain anymore.

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