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Mood for love cafe

By @Blackrose

mood for love

The world comes to an obedient stop,

melancholy, jovial essence of peace whispers your name.

Seeing the view through the looking glass, you wonder if he feels the same.

When he looks at you, at your reflection,

As his arms wrap around you, feeling warmth curl into you, like a heatwave in the middle of July.

Yes, this dreamlike quietness feels like perfection.

He guides you further into the dreamlike state,

exquisite is how you feel, like the morning breeze,

as if you’re watching the sunrise with the one you love.

You waft away, like the desolate sand gently moving with the soft winds light touch, keeping you afloat like the wings of a dove.

This dream doesn’t have to end you think.

This thought only comes once his soft lips just touch the plush of your cheeks, so soft, yet so quick.

You smile, as you sway to the forbearing keys, the shy drums and the tender jabs of the other jazz instruments.

You haven’t felt like this for a while, the feeling of love is ever so calming covers the air, as it’s so thick.

You want it to last as long as it can, but slowly the world comes back alive,

your time has ended

we shall meet again he says

As he says his goodbye,

he kisses your hand,

looks at you, smiles

walks away,

like a wisp, he is gone.

But you can still feel his lingering touches, as you danced,


You shall meet again,

when you’re in the mood for love.

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