Monophobia [Yoongi x Hoseok]

By @MinSugalie
Monophobia [Yoongi x Hoseok]

When Hoseok, a lonely boy desperate for love, bumps into Jimin, things start to change quickly. Both Jimin and his friend Yoongi decide to toy with Hoseok. But what happens when their games develop into something else?

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Chapter 1

F I R S T ~ E N C O U N T E R

WARNING: This story may have content such as making out(Not sex…i think), Bad language, and uh….Yeah so if you have not been corrupted and still have a beautiful innocent mind, then please think before reading this. 

“Eww! Go get a room!” The young boy throws a plastic fork across the table at Jimin’s back, who is too busy occupying Yoongi’s lap, along with his mouth. Jimin just swats his hand in the air, motioning for the boy to go away.

After a few more seconds, he finally pulls away from the hot makeout session that he and Yoongi were sharing and moves off of Yoongi’s lap and into the empty seat right next to him. Jimin adjusts his shirt collar and grabs his phone, carelessly scrolling through it as if nothing had happened.

Yoongi pulls down his shirt and ruffles his hair back into place as he leans back comfortably into his seat. He stares at the young boy sitting across from him, “Pfft, Jungkook, I already offered you the chance to make out, but you turned it down, but if you’re that jealous, I don’t mind another one.” Yoongi pats his lap while grinning. 

“As if I’d make out with you. Do you not know what Heh-tur-O-Sex-shue-ul(Hetrosexual) is? I am not interested in having sex with somebody who has a -*****-” Jungkook eyes Yoongi disapprovingly, shaking his head while rolling his eyes. “Even if I was, I wouldn’t dream of doing such things with someone like you.” 

Yoongi just chuckles and runs his hands through his mint green hair, “Well you never know until you try it. I’m about as good, maybe better, than any vagi–” Jimin places a finger over Yoongi’s mouth, signaling him to shush. 

“If he isn’t interested, just let him miss out on all the -****- he could be getting. I’ll be heading to class, now.” Jimin sends a head nod in Jungkook’s direction before getting up and walking out of his seat, sneakily winking at Jungkook.

Jungkook pretends to throw up at this action and shakes his head at Jimin, who smiles before exiting the cafeteria.


“How do you guys even manage to fit your…you know…in someone else’s ass? Isn’t it a small hole?” Jungkook turns his head back to Yoongi, tilting his head in curiosity.

“I guess you’d have to find out, baby boy.” Yoongi smirks teasingly and stands up, pushing his seat back with his legs.

Jungkook also stands up, giving Yoongi a sickening look, “Don’t call me that! I’m not one of your -****-!” Jungkook crosses his arms and holds his head up. 

“Well you could be if you wanted.” The older boy bites his lip, purposely trying to annoy Jungkook, and his plan works successfully. 

Jungkook stomps his foot and slams a hand down on the table, “Min ass Yoongi! I refuse to be one of your -****-, and I absolutely refuse to let you talk to me like this! I’d like to remind you that I have a girlfriend and I definitely don’t plan on–Hey! Get your ass back here–I was talking to you!!” Jungkook speeds after Yoongi’s disappearing figure in the doorway. Both of the boys bicker with each other on their way to class. 


“This is our table.” A mixed group of boys and girls approach Hoseok, who had managed to grab an empty lunch table. He looks up at the group and then back down at his food, sighing as he gets up. 

“I’m sorry…” He apologizes quietly and bows, but the group just sits down at the table, ignoring his apology along with his existence. Hoseok looks around at the lunch room, scanning every table for an available seat, but all of them are taken except one. He groans and shakes his head rapidly as he realizes the empty seat is at Yoongi’s table. Yoongi, one of his many crushes. 

“Sh*t…where do I sit now…” Hoseok bites his lip in contemplation as he squeezes the sides of his lunch tray exceptionally tight. “You know what, I’m not that hungry anyway.” He makes his way over to the trash can and tosses away his whole lunch, stacking his tray with the others on top. Hoseok looks over at Yoongi’s table again, only to see Yoongi and Jimin making out. Jimin…another one of his crushes. 

Hoseok averts his eyes to the exit, slowly trudging over and out of the door. He makes his way into the empty hallway, the lonely echoing of his -s ****- squeaking against the tile only causes him to walk faster. He shoves his hands in the pockets of his worn out black hoodie and he speeds down the hallway, colliding with something mid-way and ending up on the floor. 

Hoseok looks up and sees a hand has been extended to him. He grabs ahold slowly, still startled, and lets the other person help him up. 

“Are you new?” The low raspy voice sounds in Hoseok’s ears, causing his eyes to widen. He looks up at the person and sees Jimin’s sweet but deceiving eyes gazing at him. The way Jimin speaks hints some form of amusement, noticeable to Hoseok. “Well?” Jimin asks, still waiting for an answer. 

Hoseok shakes his head, speaking quietly and looking down at his feet, “I’ve been here since freshman year. I’m part of the Class of 2019.” 

“Oh,” Jimin bites his lips while staring at Hoseok up and down, realizing he had never noticed the boy before. “So you’re graduating with us next year, then.” 

“Mhm.” Hoseok nods and keeps staring at the ground, noticing Jimin’s expensive -s ****- and then looking back at his ratty sandals. Hoseok moves his eyes up and observes Jimin’s expensive black pants, his gucci belt(Hehe), and his priceless shirt. Hoseok zipped closed his hoodie to cover his old worn out shirt, feeling a little intimidated by Jimin. 

“You into guys?” Jimin asks, noticing how Hoseok had observed him. Of course, Jimin had no interest in a relationship, just sex, or maybe just a few good make-out sessions. 

“Huh?” Hoseok asks, a little flustered by this question. 

“Are. You…” Jimin pauses and throws his arms around Hoseok’s neck, pressing his soft lips against Hoseok’s earlobe and whispering softly, “…Into. Guys.” Hoseok’s knees suddenly feel wobbly. He had never been touched like this before, and Jimin clearly notices this due to Hoseok’s unstability. Hoseok nods slowly, and before he can figure out where to put his hands, Jimin pulls away. 

“Do you watch porn?” Jimin asks, not feeling awkward at all. Hoseok blinks his eyes several times trying to process what Jimin just said. He gulps and hesitantly shakes his head. Jimin sighs and licks his lips, “That’s too bad.” His interest in Hoseok now wavers, him not being into innocence at all. 

“Well, nice meeting you…?” 

“Oh, I’m Hoseok.”

“Hoseok. Yes. Well I’ll be going.” Jimin sends a nod in the direction of Hoseok, who is too busy on cloud nine to nod back. Hoseok watches Jimin disappear down the hall, listening to the tall sounding echos of Jimin’s footsteps. 

“He noticed me…” Hoseok says to himself quietly, trying to hold back a smile. He had rarely ever been noticed, let alone by one of his crushes. Before Hoseok could grow even more excited, the bell rang, signaling hundreds of students to fill the hall and head to their classes. 

Hoseok didn’t really want to go to class, so while the halls were still mostly empty, He turned on his heel and strode down the hallway towards the door at the end that led to the courtyard. Once he gets to the door, he pushes it open…

BRRRRRING. BRRRRRING. (I really don’t know the sound for this)

Hoseok looks down at the door handle and realizes that it’s red, signifying it’s an emergency exit. 


As all the kids flood the hallway, running frantically towards the exit Hoseok is standing at, he quickly makes sure he is the first one to evade the building. He runs out into the courtyard and, along with everybody, does through a little alleyway that leads into the open parking lot. 

Everyone was waiting for the fire department to come, so the whole school evacuated the parking lot and went across the street to the park, which was just all grass. (…i guess this makes sense)

“Why does this even matter!?! You two are fighting over literally nothing. There could’ve been a fire at school and you guys don’t even care!” Jungkook stomps his foot while looking at the two older boys. 

“I’m just saying. I get more -****- in a day then you gets in an entire lifetime.” Jimin spits at Yoongi, trying to stand on his tippy toes to rid the small but noticeable height gap between he and Yoongi. 

“You guys were just talking about grades! How the hell do you manage to change the topic to ‘-****-’ in a matter of seconds!” Jungkook facepalms himself, rolling his eyes at Jimin and Yoongi’s idiotic behavior.

“Look, I know you think you get more -****-, but it’s not fair for you to include your mother, father, and sister. That’s just -******- sweetie.” Yoongi pats Jimin’s shoulder and fakes a sympathetic look. 

Jimin immediately swats away the snickering Yoongi’s hand and steps forward quickly with a fist in the air, causing Yoongi to flinch, “Shut up.” Jimin crosses his arms at Yoongi, giving him a mean look. 

“I’m just sayin!” Yoongi exclaims defensively, putting both his hands in the air.

“Well if you’re so good at getting -****-, then get that kid! Over there.” Jimin takes his pointer finger and drags it around, stopping and pointing at Hoseok. 

“Fine then!” Yoongi accepts, not being able to turn down a challenge. He squints his eyes and looks around, trying to pinpoint where Jimin is pointing. “The loner over there?”

“Yup.” Jimin nods. 

Jungkook stands behind both of the boys, sighing and shaking his head, “I need some better friends.” (idk why i included this sentence)

“But I like my -****- thick man. Look at those flabby thighs.” Yoongi shakes his head in disapproval. 

“You can’t even see his thighs from here.”

“Well still, he’s not my type. I can’t hit on someone who is that far from my type.” 

“And why not?”

“Because I just don’t like it. Plus he’s a loner. And oh god, look at those clothes.” Yoongi keeps his eyes glued to Hoseok, snorting a little. He notices Hoseok’s old brown -s ****-, his oversized jeans, and his messy hair. “He looks ****** homeless.” 

“Are you turning down the challenge then?” Jimin nudges Yoongi’s arm and teases him. 

“Fine. But I’m not gonna do anything with him.” Yoongi makes a slightly disgusted face at Hoseok, turning towards Jimin and shaking his head. 

“Ok, Fine with me. Now go on, Mr. I-get-****.” Jimin shoves Yoongi forward and watches as his figure starts to get smaller. A small smile curves on his lips as he sees Hoseok. Jungkook takes one look at Jimin and shakes his head. 

“What are you planning Jiminie hyung…?”

“You’ll see.”


Hoseok sits on the grass, bored out of his mind. He watches how everyone is gathered with their friend groups, even the teachers. They all converse while waiting for the fire department people to show up since it is mandatory, regardless the circumstances. Hoseok hadn’t told anyone that he accidently pushed open the emergency exit, because why would he? 

He looks up for a second, scanning the kids and stopping. Hoseok notices Jimin and Yoongi staring at him. He realizes he’s made eye contact so he just looks away, scooting back against a tree and looking down.  

He pulls out his phone, looking around and making sure he is isolated from all the other students and teachers.

“Porn. Is that what he watches?” Hoseok takes a second look at Jimin and then down at his phone. He opens the search engine on his phone and clicks on the search bar, typing in ‘P-o-r-n’. He then clicks the first link that shows up, revealing a homepage with several mini images of naked people, attached to links in which he assumed led to the videos. 

He clicks on a link randomly, waiting for the video to load. Before it fully loads, a voice right next to him startles him.


“I prefer gay porn.” 

A/N: Yeah…this story is ******. Sorry man. I’m trying but like…yeah. I’m not really sure. Well…I think I’m supposed to ask questions to hint what will happen in the next chapter or make people want to continue reading cuz like…I guess that’s what people do. 

What is Jimin planning?

Will Hoseok finally get noticed?

Stay tuned to find out!

I think that sounded cringey… 

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