By @Megan_Richmond347


By @Megan_Richmond347

A short poem dedicated to those going through depression and tough times. I was recently diagnosed, and I know what you're going through. If I have learned one thing, it’s that you don’t have to seek help, but someone is ALWAYS there to listen.

Chapter 1

Moments when you slip and fall,

Become memories from when you lost it all

The moments when you want to hide,

Because of everything that you’ve held inside

The times when all you want to do is cry,

But instead you tell them a little white lie

When your demons hold on to you a bit too tight,

And the world seems a lot less bright

You feel like everything is crumbling down,

And the darkest black stains your crown

When you feel that you have nowhere else to turn,

I will show you my concern

Because just like you, I hide a secret

Now all I’m asking is, can you keep it?

I too hide behind a mask, you see,

But it will get better, I guarantee

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