Mission to Mars

By @cg1198

Chapter 1

It was a hot morning 7:00 and it was launch day I would be going to Mars with a crew of 4 other people. I got dressed on got in my car and drove to NASA. I got my astronaut suit on the ship and helped put our resources they said it should last us around 5 years. If we do make it to mars I would be the youngest person to go to space and my father David is the captain of the ship. Other crew members got on the ship. 15 minutes later the shuttle started and you would hear the roaring of the ship and the jet fuel was burning creating massive amounts of heat. “ Five minutes until launch” every minute felt like 10 minutes but I knew it was only a minutes. Later I hear “T minus 15 seconds 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1” it felt like the world around me froze, I couldn’t move my head up because all of the downforce that was pushing against me. Next thing I know we are in space heading to our destination Mars. Mars is a red rock planet kinda looks like the Grand canyon but without water and Mars has radiation

We arrived on the red rock planet know as Mars and I put my astronaut suit on and began to walk on Mars I could feel the different pressure I would be gathering data on this planet for 5 years with my crew. First day we started to make a base underground because NASA says that Mars has radiation on the top of the planet we found a cave and started to bring our resources with our food and metal we got samples of the red planet to let NASA study it on Earth and they wanted us to come out here to see if it’s possible for people to live and sustain life on Mars. There are alot of bad things that could happen though oxygen could run low food water and the storms 

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