Mission for Lylan

By @cckraut
Mission for Lylan

Two special agents, seemingly unrelated, realize their worlds are about to collide before they are both destroyed for good.

Chapter 4


“I didn’t sign up to burn the capital!”

“Yes you did; it’s the only way to prevent the vote! It’s in two days!”

“But burn Whitesand? That’s crazy! It’s criminal!”

“Exactly, Walker. You can’t walk back to Plasma now. If you won’t help us, you’ll get canned by Plasma because of your cowardice. Plasma wants this. And if you won’t help, I’m sure I can find someone else to do it that will take half of what you are being paid.”

Walker was flabbergasted. He had unwittingly driven himself into a wall. He knew that if this would go through, he would never live with himself. But the credits were king. He had little money, and if Plasma gave him a dishonorable release, he knew he would not survive.

But the worst thought of all was that if he were dismissed by Plasma, he would lose Fuzzball. He knew he must prevent that at all costs.

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