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Mission for Lylan

By @cckraut


Operation: West Cliffs

Priority: Code Black [Mission acceptance is optional]

Objectives: Protect the West Cliffs from an attack by Southwind.

Briefing: The West Cliffs auxiliary base is in severe danger of a major attack by the rebel group Southwind. Your mission is to join the other Delta agents in holding them back. Success in this mission nearly guarantees that the Southwind organization will fail.


Deadline: 1 d:03 hr:56 min:23 sec

Mission Reward: 500 Credits 


Accept this mission? (Y/N) Y

Mission accepted. Good luck, Agent Bronzewing.


I slid the smooth stone over the edge of my saber, watching my reflection in every stroke. Darwin hooted in surprise as my handheld vibrated and jingled again. I picked it up, wondering what this next communication could be.


You have been promoted from Agent-1st Class to Agent-General.


Your title has changed to General.

Your codename has changed to Revenant.

You are superior to and saluted by all agents ranking 1st Class or lower.


We are sorry that we had to do this, since we understand that you wish to remain as an agent; however, nobody else is near qualified enough to lead Operation: West Cliffs. If you wish, you may choose to be demoted after the conclusion of the operation. Feel free to contact us with any requests or concerns unrelated to the final decision to promote you.

This promotion has been forced. Congratulations, General Revenant.


I must have cried quietly there for an hour before I knew how to respond.

Do not misinterpret my reaction. I was very grateful, flattered that the administration of the Delta Force found me worthy to lead an army, but I wasn’t that type of leader. I lead by fighting. This would undoubtedly be the greatest battle to ever take place on Cyrre. I feared the recognition I would receive. I feared, even though they offered to demote me, that I would never be able to go back.

I didn’t want my fight to be fought by proxies, and I couldn’t be alone.

I sent a message back to Mission Control requesting that they promote Chance in the same manner. Their response came shortly.


Ordinarily we would not allow that you request someone else’s promotion, but due to the nature of your own promotion and the importance of the success to this mission, we have decided to grant your request. Agent Phase will be promoted to Agent-General Cobalt upon your recommendation.


I read the message and smiled at how gracious the Mission Control had been, but knowing that someone would be beside me did not ease my fear of what was to come.

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