Miracles of War

By @OliviaScherer1

Chapter 1

Miracles of War

  By: Olivia Scherer

Rachel had been getting really sick every morning. She had also been craving a lot of different foods. Then she finally decided to go to the doctor and see what it was. 

“ So what is it, Doc?” asked William.

“ You guys are having a baby,” said the doctor.

“ That’s great!” shouted William.

“ Wait, honey.” said Rachel.

“ What is wrong?” asked William.

“ You are going to fight in the war in a month,” she said.

“ Oh, I totally forgot about that. I’ll cancel then,” he said.

“ No! You can’t do that. I’ll be fine,” said Rachel.

“ Are you sure?” he asked

“ Yes,” nodded Rachel.

  Some time has past. It’s now the day, April 19, 1775. William was leaving for war. 

“Are you sure you’re okay, Rachel?” asked William.

“Yes. Now go on. I’ll miss you,” said Rachel.

“I’ll miss you too!” said William.

    They gave each other a goodbye hug and kiss. He went off and made his way to Valley Forge. Several hours later he’s got to Valley Forge and received his uniform.

“ Red is definitely my color,” said William.

“I agree,” said another soldier jokingly.

“ Hey I’m William. What’s your name?” he asked.

“ I am Isaiah,” he said.

    Isaiah and William started to get to know each other. After they said their goodbyes they got to the cabins. Every few hours they would practice. After a few practices they head to the field to fight. The music played and they started to march. Once they were told, they would fire.



    William held up his rifle and shot. Then the redcoats stopped and the bluecoats fire.


    Bullets flew by Williams head. He saw bodies fall to the ground. The same thing happens over and over until it’s time to go to sleep. The next morning he woke up and went out to the field. Then he ran into Isaiah again. 

“ Hey, how did you do yesterday?” asked William.

“ Good. I almost got shot though,” said Isaiah.

“ Really! Are you okay?” asked William.

“Yes, now I am,” said Isaiah.

     Then they left and got into the positions. Yet again, they started marching. When told they would fire.



     Then the bluecoats started to fire. Bullets were flying past William. As the bullets were flying past him he saw another bullet. This one was coming straight towards him. He feels a sharp pain in his chest. He looks down to a huge wound in his chest and blood pouring out. He fell to the ground and lays there.

     He laid there for several minutes. Those minutes turned into hours. Then he saw someone running towards him.

“ Struggling to speak William asked, “ Isaiah? Is that you?”

“ Yes it’s me. I need to get you to the doctor’s back at the cabin,” said Isaiah.

    Isaiah puts William over his shoulder and runs. He runs as fast as he can.

    Once they got to the doctor Isaiah put William onto the bed. The doctor pulled out pliers to take the bullet out. They weren’t clean though. They were rusty and bloody. The doctor reaches into his chest and grabs the bullet. After he grabbed the bullet he patched up the wound.

    A few weeks had passed. William was ready to get back to the battlefield. He got out of bed and suited up. He walked out to the field with his rifle in his hand.


    William started to feel more pain in his chest. He started to have trouble breathing. His gun fell out of his hand. His ears started ringing and he started to see spots. Then, his heart stopped. Then he fell dead to the ground. After he fell dead to the ground the doctors found out the cause of his death. The cause of his death was bullet remains. The doctor didn’t fully remove the bullets from his chest. There were pieces left that reached his heart and that caused him to die.


    The war is now over. Rachel had her kid,Timmy, and got married. She is still heartbroken about Williams death, but William would’ve wanted her to find someone else that loved her and takes care of her. Timmy unfortunately never got to meet his father but his mother and and step-Dad treat him with love and affection. 


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    That’s really good Olivia. I feel bad for the family!

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