Mira of Taelshin LEGENDS TRILOGY, BOOK ONE (unfinished)

By @Isabella_tagos
Mira of Taelshin LEGENDS TRILOGY, BOOK ONE (unfinished)

Mira lives an ordinary life in the Land of Zagrahna, until her mother and her little brother disappear, leaving only a single note. Then her father succumbs to a fatal illness, which leaves him dead... Now, Mira is alone with only the doctor’s son, Firithav to keep her company. But before her father died, he told her to go to the House of Jizvarin. He gave her a necklace with a key on it and a trunk with an iron lining. Now, she journeys to Jizvarin to find answers, but not all is as it seems...

Chapter 1

Prologue (And Glossary. I moved it here :D)



Firith – Healer (Zagrahnan, Male version)

Gara – Star (Zagrahnan, Female Version)

Giro – Patience (Zagrahnan, Male version.)

Arkav – Rock (Zagrahnan)

Paam – Father

Mira – Beauty  

Ai – Mira’s family’s last name.

Av – Firithav’s family’s last name.

. . .


Year 5520

Also known as Zagrahna’s Golden Age.


Once, there was a land called Zagrahna.

The king of Zagrahna was a good ruler, and the queen was popular with the citizens of Zagrahna.

The king and queen had many children, ten of them.

Their firstborn was a son, much to the joy of the king.

His name was Xisralta.

Their second son they named Galrotiis

Oquita was their third son.

Enaera was their fourth son

Jizvarin was their fifth

Then finally, Ispiriv, their first daughter

Taelshin was their second daughter

Orgul was their sixth son

And Firitha, their third daughter.

The king raised his children to be leaders, firm, and decisive. Everything he wanted in his children.

The queen raised her children to be kind, loving, and compassionate. Everything she wanted in her children.

Together, the parents raised the 9 to be great people.

The king thought his children were so great, he wanted to give them each a kingdom of their own.

So when all of them were of age, he gave them a piece of land from his kingdom.

To Xisralta, he gave the green fields and fruitful valleys

To Galrotiis, he gave the forest, the beautiful wilderness.

To Oquita, the raging rapids.

To Enaera the desert, and rocky plains

To Jizvarin, the lush rainforest

To Ispiriv, the water plains, and the waterfalls.

To Taelshin, the green plains, and orange sands

To Orgul, the mountains and their snowy peaks

And to Firitha, the caves and the giant underwater lake

But the kingdom of Zagrahna, he did not know who to give to.

The children of the king fought over who should have it.

Blinded by greed, they forgot their parents teachings

They formed clans with their namesakes.

And so began Zagrahna’s Dark Age

Oquita and Galrotiis, hid inside their walls, and backed away from the fighting

Taelshin, Jizvarin, and Enaera allied with each other to try and convince their father peacefully to give them Zagrahna.

But Orgul, Firitha and Ispiriv tried to convince their father violently to give them Zagrahna.

And Xisralta, he did not ally with anyone.

But unbeknownst to the 9 children, the queen gave birth to one last child.

A baby boy.

His name was Akomia, meaning peace

Sadly, the children’s mother died after giving birth to Akomia.

The king, overcome with grief fell into a fatal illness, caused by heartbreak.

The children, so busy fighting did not notice that their mother had given birth to another child.

Then the king found an answer to the problem at hand. He would give Zagrahna to Akomia when he was of age.

The Nine Children were furious, why should Zagrahna be given to a baby when no one knew how he would turn out?

But then their father died of his illness, sending the kingdom into a state of mourning for 5 years.

The Nine Children, as angry as they were at their father for giving Zagrahna to Akomia, weren’t angry at Akomia himself

Akomia, now 5 winters old, gave the Nine Children an idea. They would try to bribe him for the kingdom.

They doted on him, giving him gifts and unlimited attention.

But Akomia refused half of everything they gave him, for he was a smart boy, smarter than most his age.

He knew that the Nine’s intent was to bribe him to giving them Zagrahna.

So Akomia, when he turned 13 chose to run away and live with good friends of his parents who would keep him safe until he felt he was ready to rule.

And the land of Zagrahna was to be struck into chaos, until Akomia came to take the kingdom that was rightfully his.

And so Akomia ended Zagrahna’s Dark Age and started a new one.

Zagrahna’s Era of Chaos.

*Meanings and events may change depending on the development of the story.

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