Millennials-My Generation

By @SiddhantSingla

Millennials-My Generation

By @SiddhantSingla

The complicated confused egoistic helpful self-aware self-sufficient generation.

Chapter 1


Millennials. In my opinion the most powerful generation of people in their Mid 20’s to have ever walked the face of the earth. Technology, Equal Rights, A will to unite and become one, Taking a stand, Blaming someone else as a defence mechanism, Talking about mental health but making fun of those who confided in them about their issues behind their backs- In the attempt to feel wanted and ‘cool’. We millennials are complicated people. Half of us are lost trying to find our way and be self reliant which is great! (For the people that genuinely know what they want from life or have the brains to do it for themselves and not get caught up in proving it to others). The rest believe me I have seen they pretend to be cool and talk high praises saying we are self sufficient and we know what we are doing when in reality both parties know that’s a lie. That’s not the person talking but the EGO. The EGO they have is so huge that with every passing day it inflates like a balloon but doesn’t burst. (Unfortunately). These kind of people I and I’m pretty sure a whole lot people don’t understand. What Is it that you have to prove and to whom? Why is it that you can’t ask people for help? But then again that help is most often than not gone in vain. Let’s be honest who has the time these days? Or who wants to actually help? My generation says we’re here talk to me. We need to support and help one and other, “You do You Man”, “You go Girl” “Talk to me Fam I’m here”

Where are you? Where are we? How much of this is a facade how much of this is the truth? How did all of this suddenly happen? Why is it that we make everything seem so important as if it’s a matter of life and death when clearly it isn’t.

We seem and try to be non judgemental and encourage people that break taboos but the very next second we’re on Whatsapp or Imessage saying “So XYZ said and did this like OMG *** DUDE that’s so stupid, Like I totally wanted to tell him NO but I was just being a good friend and supporting you know coz #SupportPeople.”

Honestly I find that so hypocritical but Hey you be on both sides of the spectrum to be ‘Cool’.

But then on the other hand some of us (Me included and I hope you too) genuinely are Non-Judgemental and tell the truth, but then in this “politically correct” world that everyone is striving for no one wants to tell the truth. The truth is hidden behind a web of lies that followers say and I say ‘followers’ because almost everyone is following the pattern of being politically correct for no apparent reason and while we strive to be politically correct in every aspect of life (which in my opinion is absolute BULL) we just end up doing more damage than good. Don’t get me wrong I believe we should be ‘Politically Correct’ in certain situations i.e. when referring to people about their cast/gender/culture/religion and in breaking down the walls of discrimination we humans have built over the years but not in situations where people are genuinely asking your advice or need some guidance.

This isn’t hate nor am I throwing shade on my generation. I’m proud to be born a Millennial. It’s just something to think about.

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