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Midnight Watching

By @confusedsarcasm

The Ordeal

The day seemed to drag on forever. First there was the big chemistry exam, realizing I hadn’t studied for said exam, then having to finish an essay during lunch I forgot about for AP human geography, followed by a fire drill that lasted all too long due to some kids messing around. I could go on but I wouldn’t want to bore the reader.

Hello by the way. I hope you’re laughing at my expense.

Anywho, I had just returned home from work a little over an hour ago, thankful to not have to use a vehicle for transportation like everyone else, and completed majority of my assignments when I decided, “Hey, I’m going to rest my eyes like I really deserve to after this whole energy-sapping day.” 

Well, reader, the universe must’ve had other ideas for I didn’t get to rest peacefully, wallowing in bizarre dreams without worry disturbing the one good thing I had left. Maybe you’re the universe… if you relish this writing. Maybe you’ve added to my catastrophe of a day to fill yourself with delight and enjoyment….

Back to my story, I’m done with interrogating for now. I chose to go to my room in my tiny humble abode when I realized I couldn’t see. Not clearly anyway but I had either forgotten my glasses somewhere or you, the universe, really do hate me and my vision got much worse. I managed to not stub my toe on my bed too hard and climbed in, wishing the day were over and I had my glasses.

I figured I had just left them at my workplace in the bathroom, when I took them off to wipe them, before I teleported here. So that was my next course of action. Though, I paused before doing anything else. I couldn’t just teleport into a bathroom, now could I? The poor soul I’d traumatize wouldn’t see it coming…. To be honest, teleporting is really second guessing myself and surroundings. Even if a bathroom weren’t my destination, I’m still wary of anyone seeing a random person appear out of thin air.

So I decided to just appear in the hall outside the bathroom. No biggie, it should be closing within the hour anyway. Well, there was an issue, but it wasn’t terrifying the soul of some poor being. I couldn’t teleport. It was like I was stuck from even trying to. There are no mirrors in my room so I couldn’t make the mistake of it being me blocking me. I’m home alone. I live alone. The shades over my window are shut and besides, I’m out of sight from the neighbors even if they were awake at this time of night.

See, I’ve told myself not to watch horror movies because when stuff like this happens, all I can think about is that I’m living one. I didn’t listen to myself if that’s not obvious yet. And like every person in a horror movie (who lacks common sense, might I add), I went looking around my room.

I’ll just cut to the chase because I’m currently getting shivers about the ordeal but there was a spider. A spider watching me in the corner, probably thinking I’m a lunatic waving around a tennis racket and then screeching like a cat who’s touched water when I saw it. Yeah, this day was long. Curse you universe; reader.

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