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Mia (Original Work)

By @SpaceFoxx


Boys are the worst. At least that is what my older sister tells me. They don’t care about your feelings. Perhaps, but did she think to straight out ask them what they thought. It matters not to me as she paces the foot of my bed steaming about it. I mean, could I not watch my show in peace.

“ You would not believe what he did,  Mia.” She says as her pacing stops directly in front of the screen. “ I saw him as clear as I see you right now.”

“Go on.” I prompt, faking interest so that she could tell me and leave.

“It was after the pep rally. Madison skipped her way over to Sebastian.  What for? I have no idea. But just before she left he gave her a kiss. Could you believe it?”

I turn the show off. I’m just going to have to try again later.

“ Maybe you should start all over again, Laura.”

I knew she wasn’t expecting that as she turned to me.

“ You mean dump him?”

“I mean it sounds like he’s cheating on you.”

She flinches like the word stings to hear, but my interest is not about hearing what my sister has to say about her boyfriend. Sebastian is her third boyfriend and their relationship is not likely to last. Just like the other two.

“You should take this time to give yourself more time. When was the last time you chatted with your friends? Boys can wait.”

At first Laura seems hesitant before a wide smile overcomes her frown. Jumping up she grabs my hands and kisses me on my cheeks.

“Mia, you’re right. I’ll go call the girls right now.” She exclaims before running out the door.

Sighing, I get up to head downstairs to the kitchen. There I find mom preparing dinner for the night. She doesn’t say anything as I sit down to watch her cook. From the other room I hear another show on. Dad must have just come home from work.

“Mom, are boys as difficult as Laura makes them sound?”

This makes her chuckle. Mom knows that I never officially dated anyone before and the one time dad drove Davey and I to the movie doesn’t count. Davey was more interested in the movie than me because he spent the trip back home talking about it.

“I guess that it would have to depend.” Mom answered.


“The kind of guy you choose.” She turns to place something into the oven, then looks back at me. “While you’re here I wanted to ask you to do something for me.”

“Does it have anything to do with the brownies sitting in the refrigerator?” I ask as I remember seeing it earlier. A post-it note stuck to it stating that it should not be eaten.

“Yup. I need you to take it over to the new neighbor. Susan had already welcomed them to the neighborhood with cupcakes.”

“So why do I have to do it?” I ask with my chin on the counter.

“You could do with another friend and before you say it again. Yes, Kristie does count and our family dog doesn’t.”

“Fine, but I’ll do it after dinner.”

“Let’s go, Dolly.”

Dolly runs to my side when I call her. I lean down to give her a quick pat on her head before reaching for the brownies. Why mom thinks I need friends is beyond me. I prefer books to people, but so that mom’s satisfied, I’ll quickly introduce myself to the neighbors and get home to my books.

I sprint across to the blue house the new neighbors inhabited and knock on the door. Then again when no one answers it in the two minutes I’ve been here.

“Someone answered the door.” Screams from the inside, startling Dolly and me. Seconds afterwards footsteps are heard coming toward the front door. A guy opens it.

“Hey, sorry about that. Need something?”

I catch myself staring into his striking green eyes before responding.

“No. I just- I’m Mia from next door. My mom wanted me to bring over her brownies as a way of welcoming you. Wait- I know it’s not just you. You’re family can have some.” What is happening to my mouth. It’s like I cannot talk right and is he smiling like that because I look really stupid right now “ What we really mean is welcome to the neighborhood.”

“Nailed that welcome speech.” He says with a smirk as I hand over the tray.

“Dolly’s hungry. I should go feed her.” I say before I realize that my mouth is trying to make up an excuse to leave.

“Wait, My father’s throwing a backyard barbeque this weekend to get to know the neighborhood. My sister and I are supposed to invite everyone here.” He hands me an invitation a size of a postcard before excusing himself back into the house.

“Well, Dolly. I guess I messed that up.” I mutter as I walk home feeling awkward. He’s cute, but not that cute. If I was into the whole black hair, green eyes, nice smile sort of guy. Which I’ll have to say, I’m not. Probably.

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    Sep 9, 2021

    Nice! I think it’s better than mine.

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