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Metal Stars

By @VaticanCameos

Considering Mia

You could smell the machine on her breath. That was my first clue I suppose. The next clue, her movements were too robotic, programmed. And yet, her voice was what confused me. Soft, with a hint of fear, androids don’t sound like that. “Erin?” she repeated, her voice shaking. Androids don’t do that either. First question, how she knew my name. Last time I got caught scamming programs I used a fake name, I always do. Even if she recognized me from the news feeds there’s no way she would’ve known that. “Who…what are you?” My second question. She hesitated, eyeing the crossbow I’d cobbled out of scrap metal. Any other android wouldn’t have given it a second glance. “M-235, m-my serial code.” I scowled, “An android…?” She nodded, eyes still fixed on the crossbow. I shook my head, “Impossible.” She nodded again. Third question, how this was possible. Faulty programming, a trap of some sort? The second was more likely, any flawed androids get melted down for scraps. “Okay, answer this then. How do you know my name?”

She flinched at the harsh tone. “Cyborgs…they were watching your file.” I swore under my breath. Cyborgs were in charge of everything from news feeds to android production. And I did my best to stay off their radar. “You know why?” Another nod from her. “Your programming flawed?” She paused, “I think…” I sighed, lowering the crossbow, earning me a small smile of gratitude. “So you are Erin then?” It was my turn to nod. “Gotta name?”

“Just a serial, if that’s what you mean.” I let out a chuckle. “No, but you should have one if you’re helping me out.” My fourth question, why I decided to work with an android, much less trust one. She tilted her head. You could almost see her processing chip struggling to understand what I meant. “Never mind, although you might want to change your appearance adaptors to look more human.”

She blinked, her eyes focusing on something unseen. Chrome plating faded to rich brown skin. Piercing blue eyes softened to copper ones, curly black hair appearing to finish it off. “Better?” She asked, focusing on me again. I nodded, smiling . I had heard about androids being able to change the way they looked, but never seen it. “Yeah, that’ll work.” I paused, considering her for a moment, “For a name…how do you feel about Mia?” 

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