Memories of the Void

By @Jurrassic_Fanatic

Memories of the Void

By @Jurrassic_Fanatic

This is a story about 5 deities who made the universe. One of them seems to be having some serious problems with her responsibilities

Chapter 1

Out of all the dimensions, worlds, and universes I’ve traveled through one constant always remains. Within every reality resides anomalies; creations, events, or people that do not belong. They can range from a giant planet eating worm, to a simple, infant child. If left unchecked, these anomalies can, and will, unravel the whole dimension, and thus destroying it entirely. Fortunately, I, Void, was instructed by my sisters to destroy these abnormalities. As I corrected the mistakes of the multiverse, my sisters, Space, Time, Death, and Reality, went about creating even more universes and dimensions. That is our job after all; we must create and preserve the worlds we have made.

However, I was not like my sisters. While they possessed the power to build and maintain, I could only destroy, for that was the nature of my power. My ability was used in conjunction with the powers of my sister, Time. She beared a book which contained every event of every timeline, and dimension. Anything that didn’t reside within in the book was an anomaly; therefore, it had to be erased.

Once an anomaly is destroyed, the effects it had on the universe around it cease to exist. Within an instant, all the outcomes the abnormality created are erased from existence. The dead walk once more, alive and well. The obliterated lands are repaired within seconds. The memories of the anomaly are erased from everyone’s mind. They will never recall the harm and destruction it caused; however, I did. I remembered every death it caused, the lands it demolished, and the universes it destroyed. I will remember everything, no matter what.

“Where are they?” I asked myself. I paced around the large, crystalline table located in the center of the room. Each step made a metallic clank, due to my armor. That room was the meeting place for my sisters and I to discuss the status of certain dimensions, and the multiverse itself. No meeting was supposed to be held that day; however, I needed to tell my sisters something. I needed to warn them about an upcoming anomaly; one that I had dealt with before.

I began to try and grasp my situation, “This doesn’t make any sense. An anomaly can be recreated repeatedly, this I know to be true. But here I am, having to combat it once more. Hopefully this time I can stop it before-”

Before I could finish my thought, the door to the meeting room swung open. All four of my sisters walked through the entrance. Though my message to them was frantic and out of place, my eldest sisters, Space, Time, and Death, didn’t seem phased at all. Reality, the youngest of us all, entered happily and joyfully as usual. Her prismatic colored cloths bounced as she entered the room. The information I would soon give to them would wipe their calm and cheerful demeanor away, and only fear would remain.

I rushed over to them, “Sisters! I am so glad you came. I have important news I need to-”

“Void! I was in the middle of crafting a cluster of stars!” Space shouted. Her soot and ash covered arms flexed with frustration, as she pointed her forge hammer at me angrily, “Thanks to your message, that whole constellation is ruined. This better be good.”

“Space!” Death barked sternly. Though her dark cloak masked the majority of her appearance, I could tell that her skull painted face had an annoyed expression. “Can’t you see that our sister is clearly distraught? Just because she is the second youngest, and hasn’t done much for the multiverse, doesn’t mean you get to threaten her like that.”

I thought to myself, Oh Death. If only you knew how much I’ve done for the multiverse. How many foes I’ve slain just to keep your creations alive and well, even at the cost of my own mental well being.

“Space, Death,” Time intervened while she held her book anxiously. “Void called us here for a reason. Let’s listen to what she has to say, and quickly! I need to return to my work soon.”

Time approached her seat with haste. She moved with such speed that her sky blue robes barely made a ripple. The rest of us followed her to our seats, sat down, and my sisters gave their attention to me. I collected myself, for I needed to warn them of the looming threat that hung over their heads. Though in a state of panic, I began my speech.

“D-dear sisters,” I stuttered. “You have entrusted me with the task of destroying any and all anomalies within the multiverse. I thank you for trusting me with such an important task. However, that is why I sent for you. Another anomaly has arisen from our creation.”

“Another?” Reality asked in a curious tone.

Space with a raised eyebrow, “No anomalies have ever appeared within the universe at all.”

Death quickly hushed her. Space didn’t know about the thousands of irregularities I dealt with in the past. All memories my sister had of the abnormalities were erased.

I began once more, “This specific anomaly has somehow been repeated many times. It begins as something small and harmless, yet it finds the materials needed to grow. Soon enough, it will be big enough to demolish entire universes. We must prepare for-”

Space began to laugh. We all sat there and watched her laugh like a hyena. My attitude quickly changed to one of rage and sorrow. Space didn’t believe a word I said. After all, I couldn’t provide any evidence to support my claim.

“I’m sorry,” apologized Space, wiping a tear from her eye. “You expect us to believe that! Listen here, Void, you have done nothing to maintain the multiverse. There hasn’t been any anomalies in the past. They cannot repeat themselves because this is the first one.”

I confronted her, “Space you need to listen to me. This is important! I need you to believe-”

“No, no I don’t need to listen to you. Listen I know you’re new at this sort of-”

“I’m not! I’ve done this countless times! I’m trying to warn you!”

“About what?! There is no threat! No worlds have been destroyed, and no lives have been lost. You’re just being delusional!”

“I’m not being delusional! Please Space. I need you to believe me. This anomaly has great power. Power that can rival our own!”

“Nothing can rival our power! We are immortal gods. Nothing can harm us, Void! You must get this sick fantasy of repeating anomalies out of your thick skull!”

Something snapped inside me when she said that. I slammed my fist onto the table, with my head hung low, tears streaming down my face, and shouted, “Space! This anomaly kills you all!”

All was silent; no one said a word. I took my hand away from the table, and saw that my strike caused a large crack to form. I peered at my sisters through my black hair; their eyes were full of terror.

“But Void,” Time said softly. “We are gods. We cannot die.”

Those words struck me like a wrecking ball. Memories of my sisters’ deaths hit me all at once. Everytime, every single time, this anomaly appeared, Time said that one phrase. Tears began to swell up in my eyes, and blurred my vision.

“Nothing will ever change,” I said through my sobs. My siblings stared at me with confused and frightened eyes. I quickly turned towards the exit of the room, determined to get away from my sisters. Though they spoke to me with concerned voices, my thoughts drowned out their voices.

They cannot remember their deaths, but I do, I thought. Every moment they suffered, every blood curdling cry they made, has been implanted in my memory forever. I will remember everything, no matter what.

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