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Memories: Her Diary

By @Malachi_Exists

Entry One: September 9, 2017

A week. That’s how long it’d been. That’s how long ago she’d been found in her bedroom. Her ivory skin unusually pale, all life drained from her face, her body cold as blood drenched the ugly yellow carpet. It felt wrong. Being in this room. After all that he’d witnessed. It all felt so wrong. 

Leo didn’t want to do this. To get rid of what little remained of his older sister. He thought that they should leave her room intact. To not touch it. But his mother had been adamant that the sooner any remains of Icelynn were gone, the sooner they could heal. And he’d believed her. She was his mother after all. So here he was, cleaning out the room. 

But he couldn’t bring himself to. He just stood there, in the doorway, taking it all in. The white walls, the disgusting yellow carpet, the flowery bed sheets that still had blood stains, and the little trinkets strewn about. Icelynn always had been a neat person, always sticking to a color theme. Leo took a deep breath, staring down into the empty box he held. Knowing well that he’d have to fill it with his sister’s things soon. 

Finally, he took a step. Then another. Heading directly to the desk on one side of the room. It was wooden, some kind of artificial dark oak. But it looked neat. Nothing but a cup with various pens and pencils, some sheets of homework, a black lamp, and a few knit-knacks sat on top. Various figurines and little trinkets she’d received from friends lined against the wall. A small smile formed on Leo’s lips. 

It was lovely, really. Seeing just how in depth of a person Icelynn was. Always keeping and decorating with the things people would give her. Almost like a piece of them always resided with her, even if their relationship were to fall apart. She’d still keep them. Sort of like with the black cat plush that sat on her bed. All Leo knew about it was it came from Nicholas, Icelynn’s ex best-friend and ex boyfriend. But despite it, she still kept the plush. 

Leo never knew why Icelynn broke up with Nicholas. They were always so close. Always seemed to really care about each other. Until the day Icelynn came home crying, saying she’d had enough and dumped Nicholas but refused to elaborate further. But those were old memories. Memories that didn’t matter anymore. Not that she was gone. 

Leo sighed once more. Gently placing objects from the desk into the box. Until he noticed something. On the front side of the desk, there was a strange outline. Almost like a drawer could be pulled out. Curious, Leo pulled at the strange placement, revealing that there was, in fact, a drawer there. One he hadn’t known about. 

Inside were even more belongings of Icelynn’s, he presumed. More pencils, note cards, erasers, more paper, the like. But what was most interesting was in the far corner was a thick book. It appeared like a scrapbook, clearly having various objects stuck inside it. But on the cover, in bold yet neat handwriting was the name “ICELYNN EVELINE STORM” and just beneath it was- “Do Not Read”

Leo froze. Was this Icelynn’s diary? Or just a scrapbook that didn’t want anyone reading? He set the box down on the floor and sat in the desk chair, pulling the book out and placing it on top before closing the drawer. Should he read it? No.. No, it’s Icelynn’s, it’s invading her privacy but- It’s not like she’ll ever know, right? 

Annoyed with his internal moral dilemma, Leo opened the book to the first page. Right there, in the top right-hand corner, was the date “September 6, 2017.” The date Icelynn had entered high school, just a week after turning 14 years old. Had she really been keeping and consistently writing in this for 4 years without Leo or their mother finding out? Redirecting his attention, Leo read the first entry: 

September 6, 2017

Lucas suggested that I start keeping a diary to record my high school years. I don’t see the point of that. But I figured it may be something fun to do, so I listened. Maybe I should introduce myself first. 

My name is Icelynn Eveline Storm. Most just call me Lynn though, and I just turned 14 on August 30. I’m a girl (at least I think?) and I haven’t put much thought into what I’m attracted to :/ 

I have two friends at school, Lucas and Nicholas. Though Mom thinks it’s weird that my only friends are boys… Lucas is kinda flamboyant. Like, he’s girly sometimes and overexaggerated. But I don’t mind. It’s sometimes a nice change of pace. Nicholas is more of the playboy type. He flirts with most girls, even some guys (including Lucas, excluding me lol). 

I’m not sure how high school is going to be. But I hope to meet new people and have fun experiences! I want these years to be memorable. 

That’s all I have to say for now. Maybe I’ll write more later. 


Leo sighed, leaning back against the chair. If only she’d known just how much things were going to change during these last few years. Hell, Icelynn never even made it out of high school. Yet in this one page alone, she seemed… normal. Optimistic. Nothing like the girl she’d become less than a year ago.

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