Meet Jerry's New Friend

By @DamianJK102

Meet Jerry's New Friend

By @DamianJK102

Chapter 1

I needed to hide somewhere, if not I am gonna get eaten by that crazy cat! Ok, I know you are not understanding anything so let me explain. Ok, just let me lock this door and explain you real quick. So, I am a plumber because I like water, and that’s because I am a fish! So then this crazy cat called my company (**********) and asked for a plumber, and unfortunately the destiny chose me to go fix his bathroom… 

I was really bored at first, thinking it will be a normal day, but when I went there the door was open so I just went directly to the bathroom as the crow flies. To be honest I was in a hurry because I didn’t like the sense the house had, and what I don’t have the curiosity of Sherlock, so I wanted to fix his bathroom and just leave. But something was weird, it was weird because nothing was broken or wrong, and just in case I double checked if I missed something broken but nope, the bathroom was perfectly fine. While I was writing the letter for the client about his perfect bathroom, suddenly I started to smell a disgusting scent coming from the bathtub. It was the scent of fresh and wet blood, when I looked inside THERE WAS A DEAD FISH floating in its own blood! I was so shocked, and the first thing in my mind was to escape this crazy house. 

My heart is beating faster than ever, and the only thing in my mind is to escape. But then I heard footsteps getting closer to the bathroom, stomp, stomp, stomp… then the sound of the footsteps got slower and silent. So that’s when I can imagine him just waiting right at the corner of the bathroom, waiting for me to come out. But too bad to him I am an intelligent fish, that’s why they call me Einstein, the fish. The first thing I did was to slam the door and locked it. And that’s why I ended up in the bathroom with the dead fish besides me… and while I was in the bathroom, I took my time to reflect and analyze about what was going on, then I saw some pictures of the house owner. I noticed that in every photo the cat was alone and looked depressed, so I thought about a deal I could do in order to survive. I knew the cat was outside waiting for me, so I said, ”Mr.Cat, I know you are hungry and ready to eat me alive. But if you eat me alive, then you could lose the chance to have a buddy beside you, I know you are alone all the time and sad. Look, if you don’t eat me alive, then I could spend some time with you! Deal?”. Then there was a dead silence for like 1 solid minute, then I hear him say,”You know what, deal”. 

I really want to know how it feels to be with someone and to have a friend. Then he said,”You can go, and let’s hang out sometime”. Then he gave me his phone number which was 442-123-5678, and he told me to call him if I wanted to hang out.” I added him to my contacts and I left the house passively. After 5 days, I had nothing to do and that’s when I remembered Mr.Cat. I gave him a call and he answered right away, just like he was waiting for my call, like a dog waiting patiently for his treat. I told him if he could hang out later that day, and he agreed happily. 

We spent some time together, we went to get a drink and at the end of the day we became best friends, and I got to learn new things about him! His name is Glupo Rambo, and the reason he had no friends was because he messed up thing all the time he met someone new, and the reason for messing up things was because he inherited the bad luck from his dad, and he inherited the good luck from his mom, that was very interesting to me. Then he showed me a type of symbol made of crystal that was very smooth as a pancake and gleaming like a star thanks to the sunlight, the sunlight reflected on the symbol and it made it brighter, it looked so powerful like an infinity stone. Then I asked him where he bought this beautiful jewelry, and he told me it was an heirloom that passed on generations. Oh! And do you remember the dead fish I found in the bathtub? Welp, it results that the “dead fish” was just a toy he bought from a halloween store, and the “blood” it was floating from it results it was just Strawberry juice, and he forgot to clean it up and the juice got rotten because it was there for a while and that’s what caused the bad smell. I never thought that I was going to end up being the best friend of a cat! That tells me that nothing is impossible in this crazy world.

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