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By @Venki

Bad day

Taking a plate full of ‘not -so-interesting-food’, I walked towards my friends who were sitting and chatting as usual in our table. I sat opposite to my friends of 8 years and placed my plate with a slight thud. The chit-chat of my two friends came to a halt. Both of them not so happy with my disappearance last night turned and glared at me. I willingly participated in the staring contest. After a few minutes, Jane opened her mouth.

‘Where were you yesterday?. Is something bothering you?’ Jane asked while Emma continued her starring. I ignored them.Silence.Complete silence which irritated my friends more.

When Jane started to ask more question, Emma interrupted.

‘Didn’t you know? She ate a wax cake this morning. That’s why she couldn’t open her mouth.’ Emma said glaring at me. I didn’t open my mouth. I sat there looking at them in silence. Just not now. Siya, you have to keep quiet and stay calm.

‘What? Why didn’t you give me some? Traitor!’ Jane said. Emma deadpanned herself, while I gave Jane a ‘Are you serious ‘look. I sighed internally. This is my friends and my sweet little bubble. Emma and Jane after some bickering with each other turned to me with an icy glare.

‘You are going to tell us what happened? And you can’t escape.’ Emma said. 

Jane continued,’There are certain disturbing rumours. Do you know it? They are suspecting some of us. Please tell us where were you? What’s wrong, Siya?.”

Ha! I know them. First trying to be threatening and then sentimental.Not now guys.

I remained silent. Emma got ready to pounce on me like a tiger. But Jane stopped her from creating a scene in the canteen.

Jane started,’Why are you not tell..” I raised my hand to stop. Jane’s mouth remained open for a minute and she closed it.

‘Stop, will you?’ I said annoyed by the interrogation.

‘I will tell you guys, but not here. Wait till we are at our room.’I shut them from further investigation.

I was not myself since last evening. I am not a rude person but somewhat my friend’s questions didn’t improve my current behaviour. I stood from my place and walked towards my locker leaving my friends in a frenzy.


My first two classes went in a blur as I was disturbed by my last night events. I could not let the past to destroy my present, right? So I made myself look happy and placed my books in my locker. As I was about to close my locker, I noticed a sticky note with red letters.


How could I forget my seminar? Oh my God!. I screamed internally and banged my head in my locker.No one noticed it. I started searching for my assignment in my locker.

Please! Please…Let it be here.

I looked at my watch. I have only less than an hour to submit it and get ready for my seminar. Still, I couldn’t find my assignment. I closed my locker and placed my head on it. I took anthropology in Chestfield University as it conducts interviews to be on UNO or something. The thing is if I get to study anthropology I would be a successful representative of my country according to my parents. I won’t complain though because I am kinda a history fantasy myth kinda girl. So here I am searching for my assignment about evolutionary biology. I suck at keeping things safe. I sighed. I have only half an hour. Above all, I can’t take a seminar without submitting the assignment. ****.

What I am gonna do?

Suddenly it dawned on me, that slime jock Murphy borrowed it for God knows what. I ran through the hallway trying to find him. I was about to turn towards the right when someone ran into me. Ah!

I fell hard on my butt. ****!. I winced in pain.I looked up to see the idiot who collided with me. My mouth hung open slightly to see one of the hottest guys in college, ADAM WALSH!. Could this day get any worse? I stood up shaking my legs to be steady. I stood face to face with Walsh. I opened my mouth to say sorry but Adam interjected.

‘It’s okay, not a big deal” he said with a smug look.


I cleared my throat.”Dude! Actually, I was gonna say, Watch where you’re going ‘ I said and stomped on his foot and walked away as nothing happened. Don’t mess with a girl who is having a bad day. I heard a few curses behind me.

After crossing the hallway with head held high, I started running like hell. I don’t have enough time. I have to take a seminar right now. I came near the chemistry lab to see Lex Murphy walking with his friends. I walked towards and stopped in front of him.

‘Hi! Lex.’ I said while placing a fake smile on my lips.

‘Hi! What’s up, Willmore? Gracing us with your presence. Guys, it is a lucky day. Murphy said. I rolled my eyes.YOU’RE SO DEAD.

‘Care to give back my assignment which you borrowed?’ I asked coldly. Time’s ticking.

He stroked his chin in a playful manner. ‘Well…What assignment? I don’t remember borrowing your assignment’. I clenched my fists. 

He continued,’Besides Why would I borrow your poor assignment while I have Hylee for that?  

You know what I hate most about me. Acting without thinking. Right now I did it. A punch landed on Murphy’s nose. He stumbled backwards but regained his composure soon. I grabbed his collar and muttered in gritted teeth.

‘Listen to me, Murphy. I don’t have time for any of this ****.I’ll give you five minutes to return my assignment or you will face consequences’.

His eyes roamed from my face to feet and he gave me a ‘you’re-not-so-scary’ look. His friends laughed at me. I moved closer to his ear and explained my consequences to him. Suddenly the laughing stopped and Lex’s face turned pale. He hurried towards the hallway which has his locker. I turned towards his friends with a stern look. After a few minutes, My assignment was back in my hand.

I patted his shoulder,’See you at class, Murphy’ and walked away from the group of jocks. I looked at my watch. I have to get there on time. I only have five minutes. But my department building is far away. It will take ten minutes.

So I ran. What is it with running and me? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

I stood before my class panting heavily. I was standing beside my class door completely out of breath. Usain Bolt would be thrilled by my performance. Ha!

I looked at my watch only to find that I have five seconds to be in class. So I did the inevitable. I pushed the metal door with my little strength only to realise I was going straight for the floor.

I fell flat on my face.No!……………………………………………………… :{.

Laughter. That’s what I hear. After satisfied with kissing the floor and embarrassing myself, I stood ready to face the music but noticed a look of pity flashed in Professor Smythe’s eyes for a second. It was replaced with the usual stoic expression. She cleared her throat. Though it was not loud it subdued the laughter of the class. I swallowed hard. Professor Smythe who was in her late forties took evolutionary biology for us. It was one of the classes where we students dare not doze off. Though she had friendly features, she is quite intimidating. Once she threw a pen through the pen of a student as he played with it during class. I waited for the crackers to burst.

‘You can come inside the class, today. Don’t forget that this is the first and the last warning.Ms.Willmore if you want to show off your skills there are many ways but gymnastics is not of them.’ Smythe said.

What the hell?. I stiffened. Before I could endanger myself by my mouth, Professor Smythe interjected.

‘Are we clear Ms.Willmore?’ He voice was so sharp with an edge. I stood staring at her.

Open your mouth or you are going to regret it, Siya. My mind shouted.

‘Yes, Professor. I said in a low voice. Is something stuck inside my voicebox? I don’t know.

‘I couldn’t differentiate your voice from a wounded Lynxes. So could you say louder.’ She said in a mocking tone. God, I hate this day. Lex snickered at the comment. I glared at him. Come outside and see who is going to be the wounded animal.

Not now Siya. Do you want your grades or not?. Behave.

‘Yes, Professor’.I said a bit louder this time.

‘Well!, Then why are you standing there. Get a place to sit and Don’t waste any more time’ She concluded.

I hurried to take my usual place but that jughead Lex took my place. I battled inside for a minute whether to kick Lex to give my place or to find another for the time being. I chose the latter as I did not want the wrath of Professor Smythe for disturbing the class. So I searched and slipped into the next closest seat not looking at the person beside me since my mind was occupied with my seminar. Miranda my classmate and several others looked at me as I and grown horns.

I mouthed ‘What?’.Miranda replied in a whisper,’Look at your left’.Their eyes travelled from me to the person next to me and their eyes stared at the person for a bit long. I slowly turned my head to look.

This is definitely my bad hair day. ****!

Oh! I stared at the person next to me. Tyler Dwayne. The phantom of our college.No one spoke to him because he doesn’t speak. During freshman year we all misunderstood him for a mute. But came to know that he could speak,rarely.No friends. He can’t be easy seen.No one knows where he is from or what he does.

He remained calm but his eyes spoke for him. Annoyance, Anger, Helplessness, Anger.Disgust.His eyes threatened me to leave his side but I didn’t budge. Besides, it’s an empty threat. He could not do anything during class.

Professor Smythe’s voice made us retrieve from the staring contest.

‘Good morning! students. I think everyone knows about today’s class. Let me recall it for you. Practical tests are going on everywhere in the college. Since we don’t handle reagents, chemicals plants, tissues and circuits, our institution doesn’t want us to be idle while others are getting burned up. So they decided to give an assignment and allow students to enhance their skills by taking seminars. Each one you must present your theory on evolution during this seminar. As for your assignments, all must submit after today’s class is over. Most importantly I don’t want to catch anyone of you distracted while one of you is presenting their work. Pay attention or dread the punishment.’ Professor Smythe concluded. I have slightly dozed off.

After Professor Smythe concluded the whole classroom was as silent as the graveyard. If we fail today, especially me I can’t get the scholarship for the next year. Though I look confident from the outside, my inner-self is screaming like hell. I glanced at Dwayne.No reaction.No movement. He looked like a statue, not moving a muscle. My lips twitched imagining how would it be like if he was screaming and running with fear.

‘Let’s get started. The first person to present their work is…’ Professor Smythe made a pause. The air around us ceased to move. Everyone was still praying to God not to call them. Including me.

‘Tyler Dwayne’ she said and we all froze.


Suddenly everyone’s eyes were on me. Oh! O…This moment I thought of sealing my mouth with a cement. I felt my skull catching fire by Tyler’s stare. I could feel a huge lump in my throat.

‘Is there a problem Ms.Willmore?Professor Smythe asked in annoyance.

I wanted to shout,’Yes, Yes!. Right now I feel like murdering every single person here and at last, I would go and jump from a hill. But unfortunately, I can’t do that. So I replied,’No, Professor”.

‘Then, Mr.Dwayne come and proceed with your work” she said.

‘Move your stupid ass, I don’t have time for your ****” a grumpy voice came. My eyes widened. Then only I realised that I am blocking his path. Before I could move he continued,’Move fast or I’ll step over you. I stood from my place and made space for him to go.

He stomped my foot and walked towards the front of the classroom like he did nothing. He’s dead.No one stomps Siya. He’s going to regret.

Everyone was awestruck not by Tyler’s talk more from knowing that he could speak so loudly and attractively. Is wax in my ear increased? I remember cleaning this morning. I found his voice smoky though hoarse. My own thought made me gag.

Professor called one by one randomly for their presentation. I noted the points which will be useful for me and some other points which were not logical so that I could talk against it. I prayed that I spoke before Murphy. Who knows that Jughead could have copied everything as it was in my assignment.’ Siya Willmore’ My name came. Finally!

I paced to the front confidently, internally screaming and I could feel my hands getting cold not due to weather but due to my fear of burbling. I breathed to make myself calm. Thinking my anchoring word,’All is Well’ for three times. I looked around the people for a second. I started addressing the class,’Good morning, everyone.I…’ my voice cut off as everyone’s attention was not at me but before me and Professor Smythe rushed to me. I looked at the direction only to know Zoe, one of my classmate has fainted.’

Why me?”…………………………………………….I wanted to shout.

I was walking towards the canteen as Professor Smythe has cancelled the class as Zoe and most importantly postponed the seminar to Monday. I didn’t even begin my speech, let alone a word. I am going to kill Zoe, once she recovered. With my evil thoughts, I entered the canteen suddenly a hand came in the air slapping my cheek. I was shocked and try to convince my mind it was not true but the stinging pain in my cheek didn’t help much. I closed my eyes as a reflex. A voice shouted ‘Today is Slap day’.I opened my eyes to see Mark, Walsh’s friend near me. From his crooked grin, I could tell he is one who slapped me. Everyone started laughing and got ready to slap others. I was infuriated. I kneed Mark where the sun doesn’t shine and said,’Belated Kick in **** day, Mark. Hope you have enjoyed it’.Once I did it, I ran.

The rest of the day was gloomy and I started reacting like a mad woman for normal conversations. I glared at Victoria for saying HI!, elbowed Patsy for caring about me and hit Murphy in his head for commenting about my luck. Though I despised Patsy for being with me, she prevented me from getting into a fight with everyone who approached me. I am grateful for that. I stayed a bit too long in the library to gather my thoughts but in vain. I walked towards the dorm in desperate need of sleep. I decided to take a shower and walked towards the bathroom. Out of the blue, Greta Cruger, our innkeeper stood before me. I was shocked by her sudden appearance but soon regained my composure.

‘Geez, You frightened me’ I said lightening the mood. Please don’t find out. Be dumb., I begged internally. Why?… Because yesterday I sneaked out of the dorm to meet someone. The first rule we students in dorms follow is Don’t ever mess with Greta. Don’t be a victim of her wrath.

Greta is a full-figured woman with a snub nose and a red hair. The most terrorising part of her body was her eyes. They were like the eyes of a psychopath or is it my imagination. She has a cactus in her office and she talks daily to it as one would speak to one’s boyfriend. I saw it with my own eyes once I passed by her office window. Thank God! she didn’t catch me seeing it or else I will be suffering torture from her.

I was brought back to reality by Greta’s voice,’ Stop gawking at me’.

‘Sorry for zoning out’ I said which made Greta to grunt. She pushed a printed paper in my hand and walked across me rambling about youngsters and love. I looked at the paper to note that it was not a paper, but a letter…..the letter.

I showered quickly and rushed to my dorm to sleep. I thought sleep would keep me safe, but NO. I didn’t think of the two devils sitting in my room ready to devour me with their questions.

Emma said,’Finally!’.I stood at the door still.

Jane asked seeing my tired face,’Are you okay?”

The magic word was finally said. Tears started pouring like a waterfall from my eyes. Seeing me like this my friends rushed towards me and hugged me. I cried loudly gripping Emma’s shoulders while Jane closed the door. I cried until the day’s weight lifted from my shoulders looking at the figure which stood far away from the dorm.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy. This is my first time writing a thriller. So bear with me. Sorry for the short chapter. I will improve definitely. Comment your reviews on this story and about your dorm keeper if you are in college. Do they are like Greta or they are nice? Also, don’t forget to share your sneaking experiences from your Dorms or home. Thank you:)


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