Matthew And Maria

By @7576866721

Matthew And Maria

By @7576866721

This book is not copyrighted. This book costs $100.000 dollars in stores and it's on sale until the 30th of September. This book should be bought because of it's 100% of it's good chapters and with over many of pages in this book required to the voices of the author.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Matthew's Bad Day At School

Chapter 1: Matthew’s Bad Day At School

Chapter 2: Matthew Meets Maria

Chapter 3: Socked In The Eye

Chapter 4: Matthew Gets Rejected

Chapter 5: Michael Is Naked In The Bathroom!

Chapter 6: The Date Night

Chapter 7: Weekend Fun Time Begins

Chapter 8: Mom’s Death

Chapter 9: The Prom

Chapter 10: Standing Up To Rick

Chapter 11: Graduation

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