Mattels jurassic figures are better than Hasbros

By @BrennanThePaleoDude

Mattels jurassic figures are better than Hasbros

By @BrennanThePaleoDude

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Chapter 1

The Essay

“Hasbro eats dirt,Mattel inherits the brand”(JPToys) There are large amounts of debates over weather Hasbro or Mattel’s products are better as both companies own many figure lines and rights to make toys from movies such as transformers,Star Wars,Barbie,Hotwheels,Matchbox and marvel.One of these titan toy companies,Hasbro once owned the lisence to make Jurassic Park and world figures and in 2017 was bought out by Mattel.The Jurassic world figures Hasbro was making were sloppy,low quality and not to scale with previous Jurassic toy lines, but Mattel payed close attention to what the buyers wanted and made great quality perfectly in scale figures.

When it comes to quality Hasbro does not put in the effort,they only focus on mass production and getting their product out there.The quality of the Jurassic world figures are close to that of nockoff made in China toy as the plastic is very thin,brittle and greasy looking. Each dinosaurs paint job is very inaccurate,too bright or too dark and in most cases so minimal that it hurts to look at. The worse thing about Hasbros toy quality by far is the “Screw holes” (JPToys) which are ugly holes covering one side of a dinosaur where screws are inserted to keep the figures together.Ever since Mattel bought the the license,there Jurassic figures so far show great amounts of care for small details like claw marks on the dinosaurs hides, all the way to the type of plastic and it’s thickness.Mattel demonstrates quality best by the colours they use as they’re movie accurate and have perfect patterns with shades. The greatest thing besides beautiful colour schemes and attention to detail is the fact that none of their figures have one whole side of their body’s covered in holes and screws, the shells are fused together cleaned up so nice you can barely see the crease.

Scale is everything,if the figures are not the proper sizes with others in the line,the visual appeal and compatibility are unrealistically distorted.Hasbro payed no attention to scale as half their JW toys are ether too big and like the electronic raptors ,or too small like the basher biters.If the scale isn’t proper, the figures are not compatible with vehicles and other figures as they usually are all accurate sizes to one and other.Mattel made sure to make every single figure in scale with each other and older lines along with vehicle compatibility.Scaling and sizes in the Mattel line are so great that even the 60 ft mosasaurs is made as a figure in scale, which is bigger than a house cat and is water proof! Mattel even went as far as to make dinosaurs sizes based on their ages,as it has teen and adult gallimimus and triceratops.

If it’s not collectors,it’s kids who are buying and playing with these figures and that means they have to uphold against play wear and external forces like weather. Hasbro is know for using two completely different types of plastic in its figures which when one is exposed to the sun for too long, will change colour and fade, leaving the figure looking ugly and cheap.Most of the plastic Hasbro uses is thin and cheap so I breaks easily and sometimes even parts fall of the figures after being used to much. The worst part about Hasbros figures is that the scale difference makes it hard to recreate scenarios from the movie and just play in general and on top of that most figures can’t even stand!There aren’t much species to choose from as Hasbro made only few different dinosaurs and mostly doubles and retools but in Mattel’s Jurassic world toy line there are 78 different species of dinosaurs to buy and a wide variety of varients that are different from their counterparts.Mattel made many vehicles as well that fit their and other action figures which Hasbro had never done for the Jurassic world figures. Most vehicles are remote control adding even more playability and action to this toy line,and for the first time they even made real working gyrospheres!

Over all, the toy line by Mattel has more playability,collectibility,proper scale and quality figures than Hasbro made.My options on this clearly show how much Mattel has done well and is greater than Hasbro in all ways,as it is dedicated to the buyers and quality products over selling **** fast.”the Hasbro line is awful and they made many bad choices” (raptorhunter)I am glad Mattel bought the license from Hasbro and is now making quality products for everyone who loves the franchise!

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