Masquerade of Souls

By @Draculus-del-Viafat
Masquerade of Souls

[The Fairy-Tale Told in a Hideout] Book #1 --in process-- ~ In the world of masks and lies, look deeper than you can see ~ A slave, a thief, a lord, a gambler and many others. They're all different people, but they have something in common - they all wear masks. Nobody knows what problems it might cause, but when they find out, it'll be a very painful truth to bear.

Chapter 1

Drak's earnest confession

This book has been written for those who love romance, humor, stories about thieves and bad guys who are shown from a very different angle, about difficult relationships, mysteries of human soul and secrets of one’s heart. Please enjoy it and be happy, for this is what I’ve considered my purpose as an author – to make people happy.

Though I try very hard to make you enjoy the story, it might happen that I let some mistakes of English sneak into the chapters. I beg to forgive me for that, as well as for poor language or lack of figures in the book. The reason of it is that English is not my native language. I promise I’ll try harder with each new chapter) If you spot something wrong or grammatically incorrect, feel free to comment on it. I’d be grateful for help, dear people. Being a novice writer (a very ambitious one, too), I’m prepared for all critics and light words.

Enjoy reading!

Entirely and always yours,


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