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MARVEL’S WHAT IF… Zombies part 2 story re-written

By @IanWR8CC


Present Day: Thanos went back to planet Titan and there, he waited for his Black Order to return the mind stone to him. To his confusion, none of his members showed up. Thanos assumed that the heroes of earth might have killed his black order. But how could that be? They were just humans. His black order had some of the most powerful members in the universe. Thanos didn’t waste his time. He wields the gauntlet to teleport to Wakanda. The yellow eyed monster stands before his fellow zombie bodies scratching and pounding at the force field. None of their efforts succeeded though. Thanos understood now his Black Order’s tardiness. It was because of this force field as impenetrable.

Our heroes set a hole on the tip of the force field to enter the wakanda. To find shelter in Shuri’slab in Mount Bashenga. The five avengers walk into the trial leading to the stairs. Mount Bashenga which is named after the first black panther millions of years ago. Where the meteorite hit 2 million years ago. The storage of Wakanda’s vibranium, and the operations chambers of the wakandans is kept here. Where the Great Mound rests underneath the palace. A standing 14.5 feet tall statue of a panther roaring at you when you first set eyes on the summit. 

Black panther leads them to the base laboratory. It is neon purple blue glowing. In lines. The walls are silver from a coat of vibranium. In Shuris lab lays a Theatre size window for the sight of the miles of grassland below. The walls are outlined in fine details of black technology. The stairs spiral into the medical room, where Strange works on the Mind stone. The last hope of the avengers, encircle, banner as they talk about the process of sending the cure worldwide. 

Spiderman, Antman and black panther watched from the inside of the mountain seeing something drew closer. The gleaming of the light shine amplified. The brute stomped closer.

Strange urges with anxiety, “See if you guys can find a radio or something.”

Peter being a computer and chemistry nerd responds,“Lights are transverse waves. Light travels in straight lines. Unlike sound waves, light waves can travel through a vacuum or empty space. They do not need a substance to travel through, but they can travel through transparent and translucent substances.“

Strange, “Like a flashlight and a glass to admit it through. Does anyone have a flashlight?”

“I’ll get it. And oh, we’ll need a source of light.” Peter follows commands of his elders.

“Shuri had the vibranium cannon blasters in her lab. I should also join you to check to see he does not break anything,“ T’Challa follows

“Okay, ” Peter says, helping him walk.

Lang says, “We just need a headlight, Haha.” He floats down the stairs in search of Shuri’s other lab.

In this other lab, Again the winding stairs. This time there is a large white emitting halo acting as a chandelier. On the exterior of the stairs are African artwork . Art seemingly influenced from American graffiti, traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean calligraphy and painting, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, manga comics, indigenous symbolism and lore, and design. However, in reality it is pure Wakandan because of the location. In the window wall are three blue rectangular beams lighting the ground. The floor is a white grid on a black tiling. Peter rummages through different technology.

“Shuri had a prototype unmanned Rocket to launch extraterrestrial exploration. For disease research. In space, she and her team focused on discovering different kinds of space radiation that alter living tissue. Vibranium medical equipment helps us develop ways to prevent damage to healthy tissue and repair damaged ones. Knowledge gained through space radiation research. It will contribute to understanding how radiation causes and cures cancer.” T’Challa directs peter.

“Outside Nasa and spaceX?”

“Yes, we wakandans feared the outside world.” 

T’Challa limbs to a white table carrying silver statues of what look like cherries glowing purple. He picks up a Vibranium blaster on the surface. He gestures to Peter, “The console is located on the instrument dashboard near the window.”

 Peter begins searching for the controls. When activated, the dossier is displayed. T’Challa leads Peter to a white table with a black microbots. This table sifts down into the floor, leaving a leather seat behind.  

Peter helps T’Challa in the seat. The vibranium powered VR capsule begins it’s boot up sequence, flowing pixels into the panoramically. Opening the door, Peter hands T’Challa the mind stone.

Outside the gates of the golden city, Thanos watches the ship launch into the Earth’s outer atmosphere. 

Once close enough to the radio satellite floating, surveilling the Earth, A robotic rover ejects from the belly of the rocket. It drives to the end of the nose of the rocket. From there, it bursts its jet, then finally it’s limb extends to the lens of the Satellite. In its claw is the yellow diamond of Vision’s ambience. A tool turns from his hand mechanically, and sprays a white gelatin on it. The container of the substance spells: GLUE. T’Challa surges the vibranium blaster onto the glass with the glues stone, sending the code to cure the Limbic systems of the earth’s population. Since he must keep the surge going he will have to commit to the mission and remain in space.

T’Challa reestablishes his set course back to earth when he determines the cure has been passed down. He plans to remove the stone from the satellite after he sees the world is free from the virus. Buttons beep and turn as he commands the aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with two thrusters.

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