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Mario’s Descent Into 3D

By @OtherworldFan

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Mario usually lives in 8-bit. He also visits the 8 bit houses and does stuff with Toads in Mushroom Kingdom. But that would all change, one day, when Mario discovered a portal in one of the neighbor’s houses. He went in while the Toad wasn’t looking, and he fell in.

He dropped onto the 3D ground and got knocked out. 3 minutes later, he woke up. There was a flower next to him that looked a little bit like the flower that made him grow tall and be able to manifest fire powers. He tried to consume it. He grew tall, and he shot fireballs at the approaching enemies.

He needed to find a way out.

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  1. Miguel Baltazar

    Aug 8, 2021

    OtherworldFan here. Chapter 8 or 7 might be incomplete. Therefore, this will be marked as incomplete until I complete this.

    Please complete the required fields.

    0 Replies Aug 8, 2021
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