By @hykim

Chapter 1


I bite into the mango






A split second

Everything changes




The seed carves in

I feel the pain

Without any notice in advance

It seems soft and sweet in the outside,

But have you looked into it?

Stop acting like

You actually care

As if you are a kind person

Stop acting like

You’re not fake–

As if you’re not jealous

Stop acting like

you’re better than me,

I know you talk behind my back

Stop acting like

You never spread rumors about me,

I know you lie saying I bullied you

Stop making it seem like

That never happened,

Those years never existed,

Those words never spilled,

Those actions never took place

Because all that

Came as blades of knives

To cut through me

Tear me down.

. . .

But you know what?

Those blades are boomerangs.

They return.

Well, thanks to you,

I’ve become a strong person

You’re nothing now.

You’re not enough to scare me.

I see

The hate behind your eyes

The jealousy behind your actions

The fake sweetness coated over words

It’s despairing how

Only I can see it

And no one else

Sees the truth behind you

It’s okay too,

Remember, they are boomerangs?

Just watch out

Once they come at you,

I’m sorry but

I’m not reaching out my hand

To help you

I’ll just leave you

Until you bite into the mango

And realize

That you can never be a “cool ” person

Until your inside is.

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