Magical McCallisters: The First Adventure

By @TishWrites
Magical McCallisters: The First Adventure

Cousins Callan and Finn are only 4 days into summer and they've all ready run out of fun. Even magical beings get bored sometimes. Luckily, they have a backup plan - pranking their annoying neighbor Briana. However, Briana is hiding a secret and when the boys discover it, they all have to work together to save their community from utter destruction.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a rainy June day in Massachusetts, when Connall got a message from his cousin Finn: meet me at the boat. The message appeared in the usual way. That is to say, the letters floated in through a crack in the floorboards and settled above Connall’s bed.

Connall sighed to himself. He could only imagine what Finn had thought up now. He trotted down the stairs and pulled on his mud caked rain boots.

Connall and Finn McCallister are not normal boys. In fact, some might say they aren’t boys at all. The McCallisters were a family of Quixes – humans with fairy blood in them. Most people would never notice the way that Connall’s eyes would sometimes change color or that Finn’s ears were a tad pointy at the ends. The McCallisters, and all other Quixes, had worked hard to hide any hints of their magic from the humans that they lived near. 

“I’m going to meet Finn!” he shouted into the quiet house. His dad was at work, and his mom had been up in her study for hours. Connall grabbed his coat off the hook and set off toward the waterfront.

The rain was light, but cold, and so Finn ran toward the boat’s warmth. He got to the rocky shore and rounded the corner to see Finn waving his arms from the deck. 

“Took you long enough!” He shouted.

“It’s only been 10 minutes since I got your message. The boat’s closer to your house than mine.” Connall replied.

“Get in here, it’s freezing.”

Connall climbed the ladder they had propped against the side. The boat wasn’t exactly functioning. In fact, from the outside it looked like it might fall apart at any second. The once red paint had peeled off most of the wood and boards were missing in places. It lay on its side, half covered in sand. The day that Finn had discovered the wreck had been one of the best days of either boys’ life.

In the years since, the boys had worked to turn the cabin inside into a clubhouse of sorts. The had torn out most of the insides and lay a couple of old rugs on the sand that made the floor. Some ancient furniture had been scavenged to give them places to sit and read, or draw up their plans. The inside at a comfortable temperature every day of the year, no matter what the weather outside. That was due to the magic that surrounded every part of the boat.

Conall dropped down through a hole in the deck and landed on a bean bag below. He stood up and walked over to his favorite spot – a saggy green chair in the back that was always the warmest spot.

“What was so urgent?” He asked his cousin.

“Nothing. I’m just so bored!” Finn sighed dramatically and flopped onto a bright pink couch that they had covered in black blankets so it wouldn’t look too girly.

“Finn, it’s the 4th day of summer vacation. How can you be bored already?” Connoll rolled his eyes.

“Because there’s nothing to do at my house and it’s raining.”

“At least you have people at your house. What’s your sister doing?” Connall was jealous that Finn had siblings.

“My sister is lame. She’s always up in her room trying to make herself smell good. Some of the potions she’s cooked up…” Finn pinched his nose between his fingers.

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s just me and mom at home again today so you know how that’s going…” Connall said.

“You mean it’s silent as a graveyard?” Finn asked.

“Bingo. So, what’s the plan?” 

“The plan? I don’t know what the plan is. I was hoping you would tell me what the plan is.”

“Me? You always have the ideas. When I come up with ideas you tell me they’re lame,” said Connall.

“This time, I promise I won’t. What should we do today?” Finn sat up on the couch and looked excited.

“Um…well, we could start our summer homework? I have a lot this year from Mr. Klimpton-”

“Laaaaaaaame!” Finn interrupted.

“See, this is why I don’t come up with the ideas!”

“You’re right. You’re fired.” Finn stood up and went over to the table in the corner, pulling out a notebook.

“No, we’re not doing that.” Connall protested.

“Why not? There’s nothing to do. We’ve already done everything we wanted to do this summer and it’s only Thursday. This is the only thing left. We’re going to pull the biggest prank Briana’s ever seen.” Finn opened the book and slammed it on the table with satisfaction.

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