Magic within

By @Leighthewriter
Magic within

This book is about Representation

Chapter 1


There have been disappearances of children, no one seems to know about this. People forget that they even existed in the first place, if you remembered you were taken somewhere and once you got out you forgot about it.

Children started to make groups to help and find these missing children, it was risky but they knew they had to do this to find their friends.

Danny a young boy finds out he has magically powers which he tells his friend Savanah, they saw this and was amazed but also was scared that Danny was to be taken and never remembered.

Along the way the meet a powerful witch, she teaches Danny how to control his magic, she later calls herself Tasha, but this happiness doesn’t last for long as the two girls get kidnapped by the Med Corp

Along the way to save them they meet more people

Join Danny and his friends in action packed adventure 

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