Magic on Earth

By @Lillian_Grace_R
Magic on Earth

A young girl Named Ophelia,born into a magical family,learns the ropes of her future

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The girl

It was the year 1987,June 21st on a Saturday night.The stars were out and the moon was bright.

A little baby girl lied in her crib asleep snuggled up to a fuzzy blanket,for a newborn typically is asleep by now.But something was off about this girl and her family.

something different,something strange.

Most people dream of it,and others are terrified of it


‘What is it?‘ you may ask?

They are magic.

It has always ran in there bloodline,little do you know that there is truly a whole word of magic out there.

now,who’s the little girl that this story is about?

Why,it’s Ophelia Figor of course.

Her family tree is quite complicated,with such powerful parents-even of different species- she was bound for great things.

Ophelia’s father got his education at a small wizarding school in France called “école de


Ophelia’s mother was taught at a small school in the clan.

Ophelia was most likely going to école de Paix.

The thing about école de Paix is you have to be 10 to go,it’s like an off brand Hogwarts of sorts,except real.

There is all kinds of magical beings at école de Paix,,including.

-wizards and witches






-shape shifters

and many,many more.

In America,and the magic world in general,Ophelia is somewhat of a celebrity,i’m personally not sure why though.

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