Magic in the Garden

By @lucybojangles

Magic in the Garden

By @lucybojangles

This is a story about a boy named Bobby Scimmia. There is a mysterious garden, and his mother tells him not to go in it, but he does.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

There once was a mysterious garden and a little boy named Bobby Scimmia. Bobby was 6 years old, small for his age, and had brown shaggy hair with brilliant blue eyes. The garden was owned by his mother, Mrs. Scimmia. Mrs. Scimmia grew almost every kind of plant that you could think of. The garden was her pride and joy and was very precious to her. Bobby loved to play in the garden, though she had warned him to stay away. He didn’t know why, so he played in it anyway.

One day Bobby got hungry while he was playing outside, so he went into the garden to look for something to eat. He walked over to the banana pepper plant and ate one. Suddenly, he started dancing uncontrollably! “What is happening?!?” he said in a scared tone, “I need to fix this!” Bobby had the idea that maybe if he ate another thing from the garden, he would be fixed.

He danced over to the strawberry vine and picked 3 of the ripest fruits to eat. When he ate them, he started singing a crazy song about monkeys eating chicken noodle soup! Now, he DEFINITELY couldn’t let his mother see him now!

Bobby thought that if he ate something else, they might turn him back. He has not learned his lesson, yet. He sang and danced his way over to the blueberry bush. He grabbed a handful of blueberries and frantically shoved them into his mouth. “Nothing has happened, yet…” he thought. Then he looked at his hand. It was orange! Now Bobby was a dancing, orange boy that was singing about monkeys eating chicken noodle soup!

Just then, his mother came outside laughing with her phone in her hand. She took a picture of Bobby and posted it on her Instagram story, telling her followers about this crazy human she found in her garden that is totally not related to her at all. Then she walked over and fed him three leaves of oregano, two ghost peppers, and the greenest strawberry she could find.

Within 5 minutes, Bobby was back to normal. His mother scolded him and said, “I hope you remember to not go in the garden from now on, child.” From then on, Bobby promised that he would never go in that dreaded garden ever again.

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