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This is a text from the story: - Good Evening... my name is Milleina. - The flawed! Someone has just yelled, sounds like a child's voice. Whisperings immediately fill the whole area. - What is the flawed doing here?! - why is she in a grand place like this? - Aren't the queen and the king ashamed of her? They have a son. ... No, Stop it... I can't... I don't know how... I didn't choose to... - Hey, put your ears up!!! (P/s: This story contains Boy Love and Girl Love. Age restriction: over 13.)

Chapter 1


Ardeuk is a marvelous planet that exists along with many other planets in a distinguished universe, is the home of various kinds and species, the majority is Kzob.

The Kzob develops in all aspects, they know how to use magic and also have advanced technology, the average lifespan of a Kzob is to 500.000 to 550.000 years, not to mention that the time in this universe is much longer. Civilization and modernity account for the most part of the society, Ardeuk is divided into regions, the residents here value discipline and order but they are very peaceful, forgiving and friendly.

All planets in this universe have life and civilization. Good and evil are everywhere. This universe exists along with the circulation of magic.

Come to the main story: Ardeuk is ruled by king Cahlob and queen Avalyn Glissombraz. This family is the twentieth generation of the Glissombraz royal family, there are two children: Derek – the older one and the younger one named Milleina. They are well – known for the ability to control magic as easy as breathing, especially well in gentle field such as healing and defense.

P/s: Though Ardeuk is ruled by king and queen but each region still has its own leader. The royal lines usually live longer than the average lifespan of their kinds.

In this universe, the ability to use magic is different between each person. The royal can control magic more skillfully than the noble, and the noble are more skillfully than the civilians.

Note: English isn’t my mother tongue so if there is any mistake, please let me know. Thank you very much.

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