Mafia's Possesion

By @Cutie_Rozey
Mafia's Possesion

They fear him, loathes him but most of all, envies him. His name is Valerio Zacharia, the most dangerous Mafia in Italy but most of all the most feared. What he wants, he will get. It doesn't matter if he has too kill for it... And he wants Rosalyn.

Chapter 1

My Life

Rosalyn River

My life is an absolute mess, but all I can do is smile and be happy for my mom and dad. We are increadibly poor so we have live through depts and my dad selling illeagal drugs just to come home and warm our stomachs with porrige or if we’re lucky, rice and chicken. Even in our hardest times, we still get to laugh and appreciate each other’s efforts. But the hardest times are when the debtors makes us pay back faster than expected. The first time I experienced a taste of the true world was when I was Seven.

“Please, just one more month I swear Richard. I swear I will pay you back–” A harsh punch landed on my father’s face making a huge crack. I sob out to my father, my mother begging along side of him. I stare at the scene, completely blank, not knowing what was going on. This was my first time experiencing the awful piece of the true world. I was only seven at this time…

My innocent face scrunches up as I hear a loud slap echo through my family’s small home. My mother holds her face in shock as a hand print slowly crawls it’s way onto her cheek. The ugly man cackles at her and spits on the creaking wooden floor. I hold on my bear tightly and sob into it, I was scared… So scared.

“Next month and I still don’t have my $10,000 dollars back, I will drag you by the hair and show you what hell is like. Understood you little *****?” He snarls at my parents taking a glance at me and giving me of what I know now was a perverted stare. I remember feeling so unpure and dirty, like I was rolling in mud and stayed like that for hours…

“Sweetie? Sweetheart? Rosalyn? Are you alright?” The sound of my mother’s concerned call snapped me back to reality with a jump. I look at her and see that her face was full of dirt and her hands rough from her part time job as a maid, she only makes $11 dollars and hour. It sucks but it was enough, we are slowly trying to pay back our debtors. I stare at her with so much sadness laced in my eyes, she notices this and smiles at me sadly. She strokes my cheek lightly and my close my eyes trying not to cry. Why does life have to be so hard, I want to work too, to help my parents but my mother refuses to let me work until I am 18. It’s so close… Only 3 months left, Rosalyn.

“Don’t look at me like that, darlin. I know it’s hard, I know you want to help too but until you are 18, my dear.” She softly smiles at me, scupping my pale face into her hands and wiped the tears that I didn’t even know was there. I look into her chocolate brown eyes that I have got along with her petite body, the features that I got from my father was his curly brown hair, his button like nose and his personality. I softly smile at her and nod.

“I know mother, I know…” I softly say and got behind her back to massage her tense shoulders. I giggle at her as she softly falls asleep. I moved her to the mattress with no bed frame at all and softly kissed the top her head lovingly. I love my mom so much, I could go on days crying but she was always there to cheer me up and made me laugh when I felt so increadibly lonely. I hear the door lock click making me freeze running to the door to make sure that it was really my father. I sigh in relief as I see that it was, I open the door for me to come in and a huge smile appears on his face as he opens his arms asking for a huge hug. I softly laugh and jumping into his arms, giving him a huge hug. 

My father is a strict man when it comes into business but when it comes to me and mom he just softens and his playful side appears. I hear him huff as I jump on him, he tuts back with a groan and rubs my back softly. He sometimes comes back 2-3 days during a drug deal, he always somes back. He groans as I slowly got off him. “Wow, sweetie. You weigh… What? 200 pounds now?” He snorts out making me frown and pout at him, he chuckles and and rubs my head softly. I smile at him.

“How was the drug deal, dad?” I ask curiosly, my father never talks about the drug deals. He always avoids the topic, if only we got the enough money to pay back the debt we would never go back on letting dad sell drugs. It’s hard for us…

“Sweetie, you know I don’t like talking about these things, drop the subject because I’m not telling your sweet and innocent head.” He says with a stern tone, he slowly comes inside the almost falling apart room as an apartment. The room was big enough for us three to live in, and the rent was acceptable. I sigh and gave him a quick nod. I run over to the stove and heat some porrige for my father. He must be starving… I scoop a big gallop and poured it into a clean bowl. I grap a spoon and slowly made my way towards the couch where he usually is when he’s at home. I see him on the couch, his legs spread and a hand behind the couch gulping down a bottle of bear. I bite my lip in dissapointment and placed the hot porrige on the coffee table infront of him. “Dad, eat the porrige instead of filling your hunger with bear.” I softly scold him and grabbed the bear bottle from his hand. He glares at the porrige shaking his head. 

“You and your mother need that more than me, sweetie.” His voice was shaky and filled with depression, I frown and sat beside him rubbing his back. “We’re already full, Dad. Just eat, there’s still so much more in the pot.” I reassure him grabbing the bowl of porrige and fed him a bite of the almost tasteless food. We didn’t have enough money to add flavoring so, this should be enough. He eyes the spoon and opened his mouth to eat it, I get the spoon out of his mouth again and fed him more and more. This the moment where I just appreciate my dad’s hard work, he never uses drugs and actually despises it… He just drinks bear to fill his hunger.

“I’ll go wash the dishes. Go to mom, dad. She misses you.” I smile standing up and kissing his cheek. He softly nods and quietly heads to the only bedroom in the house. I run the tap and got a sponge and soap, softly humming as I wash the dishes. My head snaps to the door as I hear harsh knocking on the wooden door, I frown in curiosity and looked through the peaking hole with shaking hands. I gasp as I see three men, all in suits and all looking like they have an italian descent, with a death filled stare etched on their face. I push away as the man with a scar traced along his cheek saw me. A harsh pound on the door was heard inside the house making me sob in fear. I run to the bed room to see mom and dad smiling and laughing.

“Mom! Dad! T-The I-Italians are here…” I sob out with fear, my dad stands up with a serious face with a hint of fear seen. I run to mom seeking for protection but knowing all she can do is hide me from them. What will we do…? W-We don’t have the money yet, and it has already been a week… 



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