By @Illuminated

Chapter 1


There once was two people, they were blissfully in love. Let’s call them…Mama and Papa, since Mama was with child. Mama had not told Papa yet, but she knew. She didn’t tell anyone, not wanting Papa to find out. Mama wanted it special. Mama was a witch – that’s what they called her kind. Mama practiced magic, and often helped people with their injuries. Papa was an elf – and was a great hunter and bonded with animals very quickly. They welcomed Mama because of this and trusted her. Mama gathered Papa’s favorite thing – sheep’s wool. Papa had loved it because he grew up on a farm – with plenty of sheep that they sold their wool and meat to others. Once in a while they would sell a sheep, too.

Mama had sold many flower bouquets and clothing she had sewn to make enough coin to buy sheep wool. Mama had also healed many people and made many tonics and potions to sell. Sheep wool was hard to come by here, but it wasn’t the most expensive thing here. Silk was much more expensive. It took a month’s pay for her to have enough money to buy the sheep’s wool. She had bought enough to make her husband a jacket for winter. Mama took many weeks to sew this jacket – only working on it when papa was not around. Mama had to hurry – but she also worked hard on it. Making sure it was the best thing she ever made.

It took a few months to make – and by then her pregnancy was showing – but it was not noticeable. While she was making it – a family had moved in. It was a girl and her parents and sibling. Mama had welcomed them here and she became close with the girl’s parents. The girl was curious of mama, and she talked to her a few times but not much after that. Mama had learned the girl was of marrying age – which started at 17. Mama had congratulated the parents and said she would try to be there for the girl’s marriage.

Mama had watched the boys chase after the girl – wanting to court her. However, the girl took no interest in any of them. She said she had a boy she was courting back home. Mama returned to her work and was eager for the girl’s wedding. Mama had her wedding 3 months ago – it was no surprise she was already pregnant. Often couples did quickly before the cold came.

Soon, she finished the jacket.She had enhanced the jacket – so wind and the cold could not penetrate it. Mama had also made it so the colors changed during certain seasons so it camouflaged Papa better. Mama smiled, loving her work. The jacket had the colors of the forest – so it could help camouflage when Papa hunted for food.

Mama decided it was time to tell him. She went out in the night – seeking out Papa. Mama often found him at the bar – helping with the owner to clean and serve food and drinks. It helped with extra income. Mama traveled to the bar and did not find him there, she asked the owner to where he was. He said that he was out in the forest – to see if there were any deer with fawns.

Mama had nodded, before going to the forest and to the usual spot he went. Mama heard noises – so she sneaked and made sure she was quiet. Mama made sure with a quick spell that she could not be heard. Mama sneaked over and found Papa.

Mama stopped the spell and called out to Papa. He turned – but he had the girl in his arms. Mama had stared before asking why had had the girl with him – and about the boy, the girl had been courting with. They were quiet, the girl had told Mama that she was courting with her husband. Mama had tears in her eyes and threw the jacket at him. Mama had rushed home and collected her things, and pulled her ring off. Mama had grabbed a quill and paper, and wrote a goodbye letter and saying she was not going to be his wife anymore. Mama had collected all the money in the house and her things and anything valuable – except anything he had gave her.

Mama had found a house at the edge of the village – and repaired it. It took many months but she did. When she finished it – Mama was about to have her child in a month. Mama had begun to sew clothes and such for the child. She made them so a male and female could both wear it – she had no idea what gender her child was.

She prepared the child’s room – she had used an illusion spell and went into town. Mama did not encounter her ex-husband at all or his new wife. She had heard of the wedding, but she never went. Mama’s heart throbbed. Mama had spent the rest of her money to buy furniture for her house and child. Mama had enough money for this because she had been selling stuff that she used to – but kept herself under an illusion spell.

Her illusion was often a male dwarf that was bald, but had a black beard decorated with beads. The dwarf was also battle-scarred – which helped keep off thieves. Her illusion was also based on a dwarf she met – she hoped he never showed up here. Papa had often went to her and bought her items , sometimes had his new wife on his arm. Papa often had small talk, but Mama made sure that her illusionary form. So far everyone knew him as Drovon that comes from the dwarven city of Vernair. Vernair was one of the bigger cities – but it was also placed in the Arctic. The Dwarven had cold resistance which is why they lived there – and are known to be able to survive -89.6°C temperatures. However, it is very easy for them to die from even 10°C weather. That’s why it its very rare to find them outside of their frosty continent. There are certain variations of dwarfs, the one I happened to choose just lived in colder weather.

Papa seemed to think he was friends with Drovon. Mama had found out that Papa said that Mama had died of the Sleep Blight – a curable disease if found early. Victims go into a coma and can die due to malnutrition, or the symptoms that the disease has. It is possible to contract the disease but still be awake. It was called the Sleep Blight due to the coma. It can be contracted due to the contact of Iafletta. Symptoms can be cardiac arrest, brain infection, rashes, vomiting, nightmares, coma, and death.

Mama had also found out that the girl was pregnant. They had gone to a witch to check if she was – and she was pregnant. They were to go back in a few months to check the gender. Mama had cried hard that night.

A month came by and Mama had her child. Mama took great care of her little girl and they lived peacefully.

“…The End.” Amelia had smiled as she looked down at Maelynn – she loved to tell stories to her little girl. Her little Mae was sleeping – having to fallen asleep earlier. But she couldn’t help continuing the story – as if she could hear Amelia in her sleep. That was Maelynn’s favorite story – because she knew it was true. Amelia’s life before she had Maelynn was a wreck, but it improved. Amelia had changed her appearance – and changed her black hair to a light brown with blonde tips. Amelia had kept her hair short, and her eyes had been changed to her daughter’s eye color – Amber. Which was also the color of Maelynn’s father. However, Maelynn’s hair color was black. Just like her’s used to be. Changing appearances was very easy for Amelia, the spell was harder for basic witches, but for a advanced witch like her, it was easy. She was taller than she used to be – 5’11 and having a paler skin tone along with elfish ears just like Maelynn. Amelia, unable to help herself, had also kept a sheep along with a monster called Wisp.

Monsters have several categories, which one of was Feral which meant they were aggressive and hunted out living things just to kill for sport. Wisp was not feral and was categorized as Spiritual. They were beings that were able to talk and speak to the dead. They are very intelligent and can come in two forms. Physical and Spiritual. Their Spiritual form is their real form. Their Physical form can vary and be changed anytime. These monsters are usually familiars to magic casters like witches, and warlocks. Wisp liked to take forms of dogs – due to how much attention he got, and Maelynn loved animals. The good thing that Wisp could not be seen by non magic casters while he was in Spirit form.

Amelia had often wondered if Maelynn would take up magic as she had. Any race can take up magic, everyone goes at a different pace at the skill. Amelia herself was a Fae, which had many types to it. They often pair up with elves, so its no surprise her husband was one. Fae has elf-like features and typically go into magic. They are able to do stronger spells and learn magic more quickly. But to humans – it’s dangerous to know magic. They seem to think its the worst thing that could happen – but it’s not. Fae can sometimes have wings, but Amelia does not. To have wings, you would have to have a fairy somewhere in your family tree. Amelia did, but she did not end up with wings. Often times Fae are mixed up with Elves, which are more to nature than magic.

Amelia had left the room and went into the living room, Wisp was on his bed, which was stuffed with Lion’s Wool. Lion was the sheep she had gotten Maelynn as a birthday gift. Maelynn loved clouds and fluffy things – so she got Maelynn a Silk Sheep. Silk Sheep are called that because their wool is softer than normal sheep and their wool would be greater use to witches and such. It can be used in a lot of things. It was great for winter clothing, too. She had also put a protection spell on Lion so anyone with ill intentions could not see nor harm her. Lion’s milk was also used for selling to the bakery in town.

Amelia had spent the rest of the night on cleaning, sewing clothes, and making potions and tonics for her shop.

Amelia had heard a knock on the door and looked out the window. It was day, which surprised her and rubbed at her eyes. Amelia went over to answer the door. It was Silvyr. I looked at him, my heart aching. I heard footsteps behind him, and there was Kyara, his daughter. Kyara had his hair color, Silver. But, she didn’t have his eyes. Her eyes were Green like her mothers. Green was common among elves but rare that she had it because her mother was Satyress (Satyr). She had ram horns along with the bottom half of her being goat. The fur on her legs was the same color as her hair, silver.

It was common for races to mix, even in nature some species can mix, most commonly monsters mix with each other, which why there are so many sub-species.

“Hello, Sylvr, Kyara.”

Sylvr smiled, and pushed Kyara in front of him, her hooves slapping the floor as she tried to push back.

“Kyara wanted to play with Maelynn, but she was too shy of you”, Sylvr had said while gazing at his child.

Amelia had looked at Kyara, who was staring at the ground, her face red.

“Sure, let me see if Maelynn is awake, you can come in if you like.”

Amelia had turned away and heard the two of them walking inside. Amelia went over to Maelynn’s room and opened the door, to find her with the book of plants she had given her for her birthday.

“Mae, Kyara wanted to come to play with you”.

Maelynn looked up at her and excited jumped up and ran past her, yelling, “Kyara!”. Amelia chuckled, and walked back into the room, Maelynn had Kyara pinned underneath her on the deerskin rug. “Maelynn, I told you to be gentle.”

“Sorry, Mama” Maelynn had replied while getting off Kyara, “I just was excited to see her because I haven’t seen her in forever!”

“Mae, it’s only been a few days.” Amelia chuckled, normally Maelynn and Kyara were inseparable and often played with her. Maelynn had even shown Kyara how to ride Button, which displeased him but somehow Maelynn had calmed him. Maelynn was very in tune with animals, just like the half-elf she is.

Amelia had looked over to Sylvr who was looking at her table. Amelia froze as she realized that her mother’s ring was on the table, and she wore it almost every day of her life since her mother died of old age. She watched as Sylvr picked it up and narrowed his eyes as he stared at it. Amelia forced herself to relax and walked on over. Sylver looked up at her and spoke.

“Oh, sorry. I was just looking at your ring – it seems familiar…but never mind..” Sylvr had dropped off mind sentence while placing the ring down. The only reason I had it off so I didn’t ruin it while doing magic – I didn’t want to accidentally do one wrong and have my ring damaged.

Amelia had forced herself to move normally as she grabbed her things off the table, and put them away. There were some things Sylvr would have most likely recognized if she left them out. When Amelia looked back towards him, he was watching Kyara and Maelynn playing.

Maelynn had pulled her toybox out – it was just a chest. Amelia usually locked it when Maelynn was being naughty.

It was just known Amelia had noticed how similar they looked – she noticed this time and time again. The only difference is that Kyara had her mother’s body type – she was petite. Kyara had also her fathers hair color and her mother’s eye color along with her face having some of her father’s features.

Amelia looked at Sylvr again, before looking towards Maelynn. Sylvr was analyzing Maelynn.

Amelia whispered underneath her breath, making sure no one could hear her. Amelia had cast a spell – making it seem that Maelynn and Kyara were not interesting at all, which had Sylvr turn his attention to me instead.

“Hey – Kytha?” Sylvr had looked a bit confused – she had hoped that he didn’t notice her nervousness, “When did you move here?”

“Oh, I moved here on the 9th of Iwaith 8 years ago”. Amelia had used the same month and year that Sylvr had betrayed her – she watched him flinch.

“I didn’t know you moved in here, last I saw this house was wrecked.”

“Yes, I know. I bought the land from the owner a month before that and then traveled there, it took a month”.

Sylvr had gazed off, before hearing a knock on the door. Amelia walked over and opened the door, anger rising in her as she saw Neova. Amelia forced a smile on her face, and spoke,

“Hello Neova, it’s nice to see you. Come in, Come in!”

Amelia backed from the door, Neova had smiled back at her and came in. Neova had sat on the couch that was by Kyara and Maelynn playing.

Maelynn had looked at Amelia, worried.

She’s so smart

Amelia had smiled at her thought, her Mae had known that she didn’t like Neova. But, Amelia refused to tell Mae why, and just told her that past should just stay in the past.

Amelia went over to the stove and added wood to it from the pile next to the fireplace. Amelia cast fire from her hand and into the stove, before shaking her hand like you would to a match to put it out. Amelia grabbed the kettle and took a glass bottle from an enchanted chest – it was enchanted to keep things warm or cold depending on its needs. Its similar to the dwarf’s icebox. She poured the contents into the kettle. The bottle contained a herb mixture – basically tea. Amelia grabbed two glass cups and placed them on the counter.

Amelia looked over and saw Sylvr and Neova whispering to each other. Amelia looked towards the children. They both had a wooden toy – one Amelia had made and another Mae had made – Mae’s was made horribly, but Mae loved it and wanted to make lots more. Amelia couldn’t let her until the blacksmith opened tomorrow – it wasn’t opened on Strus or Zuhl. It would open tomorrow. She needed to get Amelia her own carving knife – she didn’t feel safe having her use a normal knife again. She also didn’t want to spell her fingers like she did with her – she had a spell where her fingers could cut like knives at the slightest touch.

After a bit, the kettle whistled loudly, and she went over and turned the stove off. Amelia poured the tea into two cups and walked over with them. She handed one to Sylvr and Neova, and they nodded in thanks and continued whispering to each other.

Amelia took this time to go to her workroom, whistling as she did. Wisp got up from his bed and ran over. He followed Amelia in and she shut the door and locked it. Amelia wasn’t worried of them overhearing her and Wisp – the room was soundproofed with magic. She put it in place so she didn’t wake up Maelynn when she was sleeping – sometimes her potions explode when she mixes them wrong, usually when she mixes up the recipes.

“Wisp, could you hear them talking?”

Wisp had sat down, before speaking to her, “Yeah. They were talking about a baby. Neova is pregnant again, she is to have child soon.”

“A third child? I’m not surprised.”

She had met Sylvr and Neova’s second child – he was like his father. He looked pure elf besides his horns and droopy ears. His hair is also shaggy like Neova’s hair. His eyes were a dull green – and his hair blonde. Amelia never heard his name, but she knew he was 6 years – just 2 years younger than Kyara. Amelia was surprised that they went without having another child for this long. Amelia knew that Sylvr would have many children – as elves live very long lives. So do fae – so she would have to either move away or deal with Sylvr for the rest of her life if she stayed here if he didn’t move. Normally Saytr live on average 100 years – so they had plenty of time for more children. Humans live up to normally 40 at most – due to all the dangers but the oldest human Amelia has seen was almost 70, and he was a wizard.

“Wisp, could you do me a favor?”

“Anything, Amelia.”

“Can you sneak into their house? I wish to know if he still thought about me – or just dig up anything at all”

Wisp had chuckled, before speaking. “Certainly, milady.”

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