Made to be yours

By @twilightside11
Made to be yours

Even after his death, his spirit is still trapped on earth. Where he stumbles on a girl and finds himself jumping between the past, present and the future of the girl whose unknowing death just adds to the mystery surrounding him. Seeking to save her he stumbles into bits of his past that makes him question his knowledge of the truth. From trying to save someone to fall in love with that person. Where is this path going to lead him? "This end feels like an unfinished business left for me and y

Chapter 1

Rain that resembles you.

It was a foggy day, I could feel the chills present in the air. I lay my hand forward, as I watched the people,some wearing the raincoat while most carried an umbrella. I looked at my hands, the rain penetrated through it mistaking me as the air. This void and detachment left me no space to reconcile with myself for what I had lost. I could neither touch the rain nor could I experience this moment in its being. The loud sound of a car’s horn diverted my thoughts. I looked at my left, taking in the things that were surrounding me. I was standing on a sidewalk, four well-kept roads intersected at a point. Single traffic police stood in the centre with a whistle in his one hand and a signal board in the other. He fiercely blew his whistle as he ordered the vehicles. His hands waved as he gave them direction, he looked angry and irritated, but mostly he looked exhausted.

One thing I learned from watching the crowd was, acceptance was the only way to pleasure. It was the path that he chose, and until and unless he accepted it, he could never be happy. I looked up in the sky; the black cloud above me produced a loud bang. I inspected around, everything amused me now. Even the falling of leaves had a beautiful story to tell. The continuous rain got heavier as people passed directly through me. It felt odd at first, but the more I think of it, maybe it’s better than getting bumped by people on the streets.

There were many shops on the side, I carefully absorbed them as I walked along the sidewalk. Some sold street food, while most sold clothes. Directly in front of me was a fancy store that sold modern shoes and clothing item. I paused for a few seconds, the local shopkeeper sat on a stool rubbing his two practiced hands trying to keep himself warm in this cold. He stroke his nose and signalled someone summoning them forward. A little boy cautiously approached holding a glass of milk tea. He was wearing minimal cloth, with both of his hand clutching the glass. Everyone seeks warmth in this harsh winter and for that boy, the glass of tea was his choice of comfort. He came clumsily towards the owner who pointed at a wooden table where he asked him to place the tea. He reached the polished table, but to his bad luck and puniness, he slipped and spilled the tea. It was all foreseen from the way he walked, the owner was horrified as the child had destroyed the shoes kept for display. I looked at it and smirked. I walked forward isolating myself from the unnoticeable people in the crowd. The rain was still pouring; a few steps further and the sidewalk led to a zebra crossing. This was the main station; people came together to form a bundle waiting for the light to turn green.

100 people passed by me every minute and I never cared enough to take a second look at anyone. But today it was different because today faith decided that it was time to take a closer look at everything thing.My eutopia was disturbed when I heard the sound of a bell, so soft, it could have easily vanished in the crowd. But it stood out to me as it could differentiate itself from everything else. I immediately tried to trace its path, and to my surprise, I saw a girl. The key ring on her bag had a little bell attached to it which made the sound. She was soaking wet, from head to toe and was wearing a blue blazer which looked like a school uniform. She traditionally had her hair down, which came up to her brawny shoulders. A unique blue clip was gently placed on the left side, clinging to her hair behind the ear. Immense brown eyes and a tan complexion; I kept gazing at her as she secured her hands around her body. She faced the sky as she closed her eyes, maybe praying for the rain to stop. Something about her hauled me closer to her. I walked straight towards her. She was waiting in line to get to the other side. I remained only a few feet away from her. Her lips were trembling and her body was shivering. Her dainty nose and plump cheeks got red, perhaps even cold. I placed my hand above her head, but the rain passed directly through it. I smiled .”You should have brought an umbrella.” I said as I laughed. But something unusual happened, she turned back. Her sleek hair flipped and her brown eyes stared back as if they were staring at me. It felt bizarre, but something about it made me feel human. The rain on her face glided down her cheeks and came up to her chin where it separated from her body.”Could she see me?” I thought to myself. Makeup was running down her face, and the light went green “Let’s go Elia.”I heard her friend, who dragged her along. Her friend was wearing the same uniform, but, she was a bit taller than her. I merely stood there staring at them as she walked away. They reached the other side. She was about to get on the bus, and I wished for her to look back but that was one of those things that you could only wish for. The visible light went red again, people crowded in that same place within a few possible seconds. Her bus left the station, and I just stood there.

I returned to the sidewalk then my eyes fell on an old lady who was sitting on a corner shading herself from the rain. She was arrayed in a black gown, and the only thing distinct about her was her gray eyes. She sat there clutching a wooden stick in her one hand and eating peanuts with her other. I glared at her as I walked by, watching her savaged the peanuts from the ground.

The relentless rain stopped after a few more hours, the number of people lessened. But here I was all alone embarking this emptiness, trying as much as I can to embrace it. 

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