Mackinac Island

By @noellbernard

Mackinac Island

By @noellbernard

A series describing the gorgeous scenery found on and around Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Chapter 1

Across the Lake, Part I

The sun peaks over the horizon, waking slowly as it decides whether or not it wants to start the day. Though, it has a duty, a responsibility to those who thrive off its energy and with that reminder alone the sun forces itself into the sky.

Light reflects off the lake. The uneven texture of the water greets the sun for the first time this morning, clashing together in a mix of blue and gold. Just above the discordance of elements a lone gull flies. Skimming the edge of the softly waving waters, it gives little thought to the ferry drifting past.

A certain sense of peace washes over the world. A refreshing calm ensues from watching the sun rise off the horizon, where it sets the world aglow in a fresh, vibrant yellow. So vibrant that even the distant haze catches the color, morphing from its mysterious grey into a blinding white. It’s through this blaze of light that an outline appears. A shadow of sorts it forms an island, a promise of land, yet it reveals not whether the island bustles with life or remains still and quiet in these wee hours of dawn.

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