M.A.R.E: The Return

By @supermariowz

M.A.R.E: The Return

By @supermariowz

Loco, Ginta's son, stumbles into the world of MARE and Phantom returns to wreak havoc, while another force threatens the once peaceful land. Can Loco, Ginta, and friends save MARE once again?

Chapter 1

Part I: Loco's Adventure

Ginta looks down on Jennifer, his lovely wife as they embrace their wonderful child into the new world. Ginta holds his son, and lifts him gracefully, and says, “Loco.” He holds him tight as Loco starts crying. Ginta gives the child back to his mother and returns to his office to work. He brainstorms as he thinks about the times in M.A.R.E. “Thinking about it huh.” Jennifer says in the doorway holding Loco. “Oh, Snow it was wonderful, you should have been there.” Gintas said. “My father, God rest his soul, loved the place.” Ginta said with a smile. “Haha, well I am putting this stinker to bed, night.” Jennifer says kissing Ginta on the forehead. Ginta sits back in his chair and finally knew what to do to cherish the moments in M.A.R.E. He would tell stories to his son. He wondered what would become of his new son, Loco.

As time went on, Loco grew up to be just like his father. he looked like his father, with long hair that sticks up in random areas of his head. He had his mothers hair, which was brown. He mostly looked like Ginta. Ginta told him the adventures of M.A.R.E as Loco grew up. Loco grew to be in his teen years, when he started questioning if M.A.R.E was real. Ginta never answered him. Loco questioned it alot. But he didn’t know that M.A.R.E was real and that it would become more real then ever before.

Alviss walked around a small town in M.A.R.E. He went into a eating market and grabbed an apple, and a glass of some good old flim. He sat in rocking chair outside of the market. He looked up in the sky and thought to himself saying, “It has been ten years, since you have saved us, Ginta.” He reached into his jacket and pulled out the red orb, that was Phantom’s body. He also held the key. He saw that there was a keyhole in the orb. He was going to stick the key in the keyhole, but didn’t want ot risk anything. He knew he had to guard the orb with his life. He knew if it got into the wrong hands, choas would spread like wildfire.

He was on his way to an airum store to kill time, when somone bumped into him running away from something. Alviss hear a voice saying “Get him! Don’t let him escape!” Alviss probably thought this man was a thief. He ran after him into the woods. He finally stopped and came to a massive tree. The man jumped out with a dagger at hand. “Aha! wait, you aren’t the guy who caught me.” The man said. “No, my name is Alviss, and I believe you stole something, am I right?” Alviss smirked. “Maybe, so, whats it to you!?” The man shouted. “It’s wrong to steal.” Alviss said with his arms crossed. “Yeah, so, I am Slade, I steal to survive.” Slade smiled. “Fine, You live me no choice, but to fight for what you stole.” Alviss said while staking a fighting stance. “Prepare, there is more then meets the eye, haha.” Slade laughed. Alviss shouted for his thirteen totem pole. Slade flung two knifes in the air caught them and took his fighting stance. He held his knives to the side. He dodged the poles, Alviss couldn’t believe it. Slade suddenly transported behind Alviss. “Impossible! A transporting airum! But you are just a thief.” Alviss said shocked. “Told you, there is more then meets the eye.” Slade laughed stabbing Alviss in the legs, tripping him. The red orb and key, fell out of jacket. Alviss tried to reach for them, but Slade stepped on his hand. “Argh! No!” Alviss yelled. “Oh, what’s this?” Slade laughed. He picked up the key and orb. He stuck the key into the orb. He turned the key, and to Alviss’s shock the orb formed into a shape of a man. It was red for a second, then turned into the nightmare of the gruesome Phantom. “Nooo!” Alviss shouted clutching his leg. “Huh?” Slade said. “Why thank you.” said the raspy voice of the nasty Phantom. He still had his ghostly white looking hand. he formed it into a sharp point and said “This is your reward for freeing me.” and stabbed Slade in the chest. He gasped and fall to the floor along side Alviss. Alviss acted dead, while Phantom walked to the bodies and said “Such a waste of time.” and walked away. Alviss rolled over quickly and used a healing airum. He then looked around for the key, but expected the worst…Phantom had it. Alviss thought to himself and said “We need the person that killed Phantom to begin with. He got out his secret ring, and said “Sorry Ginta, but we need you.” and summoned for Ginta. For they knew M.A.R.E needed him once again.

Loco is now fourteen, and looks out the window, as his dad tells another lame story about his adventure in M.A.R.E. “So, I was trapped in this cave with no way out and-” Ginta said with excitement. “Stop dad, just stop. I have heard enough throughout the years, and this M.A.R.E place isn’t real. I am going to read, something that is real.” Loco said walking away. Ginta sighed. Ginta knew his son was right. He was getting to that age, where he had enough. Ginta sighed. “He will only get to experience it, if he goes there.” Ginta thought. With that Ginta went to his room to talk to Jennifer.

Loco was on the fourth chapter of a book he was reading. He really enjoyed books alot, just not the ones his dad made up. He read to himself, as the room got black. Loco finally looked up as he jumped out of his bed. “What the-” He thought. He suddenly saw a gate and a body with a face that had two X’s on each eye, and a red ripped up robe on. He rolled a dice and said “One may enter.” Loco screamed for his father, but the gate appeared and sucked Loco into the world of M.A.R.E. Ginta ran to his room, and saw his son fall into the gate. He jumped in as well, for he did not know the consequences of not following the rules of the gate keeper clown. Both Ginta and Loco fell in Blackness. Both knew this couldn’t be true, but fell into the world of M.A.R.E.

Loco rose with a massive headache. He scanned the area and saw a grass feild with trees. He just felt like he was home. He walked around still trying to figure out if this was true. He wondered if his father ever heard him. He walked for some quite some time, until he came to a little town with shops and diner areas. He walked into a eating place called Blook. Loco wondered what that meant, but walked inside and spoke to the first man he saw. The man had an apron and greasy hands and teeth.Loco asked how he could get home. “Home, well what part of M.A.R.E you looking for.” The man said. “What did you say?” Loco said shocked. “I said, what part of M.A.R.E” The man was interupted by Loco. “Impossible, he was right, my dad was telling the truth.” Loco thought to himself. He didn’t waste a second, he bolted out the door. He knocked into a man on the way out. The man had long black hair that spiked up in random areas. He had a white and blue skin tight shirt. he wore black, tight pants. He looked older then his father Ginta. “Hi, the man said, helping Loco up. “My name is Alviss.”

Ginta arose from the ground. He was laying on a hard tile. His back hurt a little. “I am getting to old for this.” He thought ot himself. He noticed this place. He was at the castle. He looked at amazement, that the castle had been ripped to shreds. He gasp as the columns were cracked, some destroyed. He saw the platform where the first round of the war games were held. He touched the platform, having flashbacks of fighting Goron, and other chesspeices. He thought of his friends that were lost in the war games, and thanked the heavens that Phantom was finally dead….or so he thought.

“H-hi.” said Loco. Alviss stared at Loco for quite some time. “Is something wrong.” Loco questioned. “Oh no, you just remind me of someone.” Alviss replied. “Who?” Loco asked. “You don’t know him, but his name was Ginta.” Alviss said. “This maybe wierd, but, Loco said with a nervous voice, Ginta was my father.”

The dark figure of the gruesome Phantom showered the streets of downtown M.A.R.E. He walked with a lust of something. He wore a ragged brown cloak around him self. He still had his beating purple eyes, and slick long white hair. He hid his ghost like arm in his pocket. He was just like his normal self, except he lost his Zombie Tattoo. He came up to a small jail like building. He finally came to the end of his searching, he came to the one place the Zombie Tattoo was created, the Zonen Knights.

He entered with certainty, like he was sure of it, that this place was it. He came to a long hallway with cells on each sides. He walked all the way down to last cell in the middle. It was the biggest, and most dangerous. He looked inside the cell, and found nothing. Suddenly a face popped right in front of him. “Well, hello there.” said a deep raspy voice. The figure walked back into the cell, and turned on a lantern to show is whole being. The man was some what old, and had long black hair. He also had the beating purple eyes like Phantom. He wore a beaten down suit. It looked like old armor, like the Crossguard would wear. Phantom smiled, and spoke sofly, whispering into the cell bars, “Now is your time Avira, to help a young man, a young man who you have rised, your son.”

Avira stood up tall, and held his sons face and said, “What have you gotton yourself into?” Phantom smirked and spoke “No matter, just a few kinks i need to sort out. What a need for you father, is to find me the best team members you can find, and for the Zombie Tattoo back.” Avira studied this proposal for a moment. He finally spoke, “I accept, under one condtion, you make me king of M.A.R.E.” Phantom accepted. “Fine, now who may i find for team memebers?” Phantom asked. “First you must get me out of here” Avira said. Phantom didn’t hesitate, he took his ghost like hand and shaped it into an axe. He cut the bars in half, and freed his father. They both ran out of the jail and wanted nothing more then the strongest most dangerous crimanals.

They both ran side by side and said nothing. Finally Phantom broke the silence saying “Where were you, you just left and ended up getting arrested?” Avira answered, “No, I left you and your mother because the war was begining. but the Boss had other plans, and wanted to stop the war. I wanted more war to finally get M.A.R.E a new king. They arrested me for men slaughter. I killed most people in Laketown. Your mother couldn’t believe me so she came to my cell at the M.A.R.E Asylum, and thats when….” Avira drifted off. “What happened to her?’ Phamtom asked. Avira didn’t answer. Phantom got angry and stopped running and slid in front of his father. “What happened to her?!” Avira kept quit, then answered, “I was stupid, I was mad at myself, so i gave her a drink and….and” Avira started to choke and wep. “It had poison in it..” Phantom said. Phantom couldn’t hold it, He kneed Avira in the forehead, throughing him backwards. Phantom shaped his ghost arm into a sword stabbing Avira in the chest several times. Phantom left Avira’s body with nothing, and Phantom walked off, not knowing Avira had the Zombie Tattoo. Phantom want to his hometown Ghost town, to see his first member of his team, his own brother.

Ghost town was just like the title. It had spirits roaming, but also humans. The homes and stores were both broken down. The weather was gloomy and a dark heavy mist covered the town. Phantom walked down a few lonely streets, and stared at most of them. Remembering back when he was a child, before the wars, before his first murder, before it all. He remembered he would always run up and down the streets of this gloomy place with his brother. They would play, fight, etc. He walked on and on, till he finally came to it, his home.

He walked inside with incertainty. He creeped in, as if it wasn’t his house. He saw the torn curtains, blood-stained carpet, and broken stairs. He walked into the kitchen and found knives, forks, and other silverwair on the floor and inprinted in the walls. He turned the corner and found himself in the living room. He saw a black figure with white shiny hair, and purple eyes beaming. Phantom recongnized him suddenly, his brother. He had his fingertips together as if studying Phantom. “Spirit.” Phantom croaked. Spirit rose from the chair, and walked towards Phantom. Out of the shadows, Phantom could finally see him. He had on armor that looked like the crossguard, shoulder pads made of metal, with hand gloves, and also a hand sheild strapped to his back. He also had a scar on his right eye, that had a sudden blue tint to it. He was very pale with scaly skin, and most if his hair covered his eyes and He was tall and skinny. He spoke with a deep voice, but a calm attitude. “Phantom…about time.” Phantom stared at the ground ashamed to speak to his one and only brother. “I had….complications.” Phantom said under his breath. Spirit shouted, “What did you say!” Spirit didn’t give him time to answer. He grabbed him by the throat and held a dagger at the side of his neck. Spirit went on, “Before I kill you, tell me what you want.”

Phantom was actually scared for once, sweating like a pig he stared at Spirit. “You have no nerve coming in my house!” Spirit screamed. “I..I…I just want a favor.” Phantom replied. Spirit let the dagger go and relieved himself from choking his brother. Phantom gasped for air, and said “I…I..want the Zombie Tattoo.” Spirit rolled his eyes and said “You know the only one who can do that is father.” Phantom flashbacked to killing his father, or so he thought, and just said “He is…unable to.” Phantom continued, “I know you have some type of Airum that can do it, I know you.” Spirit sighed and lead Phantom to the kitchen table. “Here, sit on this table.” Spirit instructed. Spirit spread out his arm only a few inches away from Phantom’s chest. “This may cause some minor pain.” Spirit warned. He mumbled some words Phantom didn’t understand, and shot a bright light inside his chest. Phantom gasped and stared blank into space for a few mintues, then came back and got up and noticed the key he had from getting out of the orb was gone. “The curse is broken..” He whispered. “What?” Spirit asked. “Oh, nothing…well, thank you brother, I finally have power once again.” Phantom smiled. Phantom was about to walk out the door when Spirit said “I know you are still trying to rule M.A.R.E, and I want to be apart of it. I know a group who can help us. They are called the Zonen Knights. They fought during the last war long ago, aside the Chesspeices”. Phantom froze when he said Chesspeices, he was morned over how his army was gone, all because of that earthly Ginta. Phantom finally replied “You may fight aside with me for M.A.R.E, but let one thing clear, you betray me in anyway, and I will kill you.” Spirit nodded and they both walked out of the house and out of Ghost town and to the town of the criminals, Slaughter Town.

Ginta gazed at the Castle, wondering how long he had been gone in M.A.R.E. He figured he should get going and find Loco, and so he did just that and walked out the Castle area. He saw it in the distance as he walked into the downtown of M.A.R.E. The town was busy and people were in and out of stores. He went through all the people bumping into most of them. He finally made it out of downtown, and went on up to a hill that looked slightly familar. He came to the top and saw a small house over the top and a garden. Now that he mentioned it, he was hungry. He rushed town the hill and started helping himself. He was feasting for a few minutes now, when he heard a door open and saw a tall man with a green tank top, and a large shovel over his right shoulder. He had spiky black hair and a patch of hair on his chin, just like ginta except it was blonde. He finally said “You don’t show up for 10 years and finally show up?” Ginta didn’t know what he was talking about, and finally squinted his eyes and said “Jack?” The man looked at Ginta and said “It’s been awhile, hasn’t it Ginta?”

Ginta sat around Jack’s table in his same old cottage and drank some Flim. “So, I thought you left for good, haha, what brings you here once again.” Jack asked. Ginta scratched his head and replied, “Well, honestly Jack, I don’t know haha, one minute my son gets sucked into this place, then me, only guess is that someone summoned me here again.” Jack replied “Wait, wait, back up your son? Well this is interesting. You don’t think Alviss summoned you, but the spell brought your son instead of you?” “Alviss? He is alive?” Ginta asked. Jack replied, “Of course, as long as they don’t get too much injured Magicians can pretty much be imortal ha.” Ginta said “Well, only one way to find out, we need to reunite the team of M.A.R.E and look for my son, and Alviss.” Jack replied “Now you’re talking, but first things first, i don’t know where most of them are except one.” Ginta replied, “Which is who?” Suddenly a voice from behind Ginta said “Hello master Ginta.” Ginta turned and saw his long lost Airum, Bob-o.

“Bob-o!” Ginta shouted. He hugged the good old metal ball connected to a hammer. Bob-o looked the same except he had a gray mustache instead of a black one. “Wow! what a nice surprise.” Ginta shouted. “Yeah, I kept him here with me, since you, uh, left.” Jack said. “Well, thank you Jack.” Ginta replied. Ginta continued, “Well, let’s get going, we got old friends to find, and my son.”

The group went to downtown M.A.R.E and talked to some locals, trying to find their friends. The place was so busy, they barely could see anything. Bob-o said “Master, you wi..I mean friend Snow, I think she is at the castle.” Ginta sighed “ugh, I was just there, I should have gone inside.” alright once we get through the crowd, we shall go.”

They finally made it to the castle and they came to the main door, and Ginta was having flashbacks of his first time here, finding princess Snow, and fighting his first Chesspeices. He finally went through the entrance, and saw a long hallway that led to another room. The came to the room and it read Snow on it. Ginta questioned himslef to open the door. He finally did, and felt a sudden chill in the air. He saw a nightstand and a dresser, and a bed. He saw her, Snow, sleeping on her bed. “Go on.” Jack insisted. Ginta came to her bedside, and didn’t know what to do to what her up calmly. He finally felt the urge and did it. He leaned in and kissed her cold lips. The kiss seemed to last forever, and to his surprise it worked. She fluttered her eyes, and awoke. She saw Ginta’s old face and said “Ginta?” Ginta replied “Yes, it’s me, long time no see.” Snow smirked and touched the side of his head with her hands and pulled him in for another kiss. He was so close to her he felt her heartbeat, and felt like he could stay here for hours. Snow finally let go and said “How is my husband doing?” Ginta was confused and said “Husband?” “Oh!” Snow said. “Jack, and Bob-o can you excuse for a moment.” Snow closed the door to her room. “What’s this all about Snow?” Ginta said. Snow turned back around to Ginta. Snow had on a long pink nightgown on. Ginta thought she looked good in anything, since she did look just like Jennifer. “Well, Ginta, you left and I had no one to watch over me, so i promised myself when you returned I would marry you, knowing you would accept.” Snow said. Ginta replied, “Snow, first how did you know i would return.” Snow replied, “I just knew it in my heart.” Ginta smiled and said “Snow…I returned for a reason..I didn’t return by choice. Besides I have a wife on earth, I can’t stay on M.A.R.E with you.” Snow replied “You can, you just chose not to.” “Snow I can’t!” Ginta shouted as he walked closer to Snow. “I don’t want you to leave!” She shouted. “I know, but I have a life on Earth.!” He yelled. “But You have a destiny here! You have to stay, I love you!” She screamed. Ginta stood right in front of Snow, and whispered “I..love..you..too.” Snow suddenly leaned foward and kissed Ginta. He wanted to pull away but felt the need not to. He wraped his arms around her. He flashbacked to doing these to Jennifer, he felt as if he was reliving it again. They both fell apon the bed. Snow found herself pulling Ginta’s Tunic off. He kept kissing her and kissing her. On the cheek, and the lips, and on the neck. She loved the feel of his lips, like a long lost love. Ginta loved the feeling, but suddenly knew where this was going. He grabbed ahold of Snow’s arms and said “Snow, this isn’t right. I have a wife, I can’t love you like this.” Snow knew this was true, and got up and changed into a blue sparkly dress in her closet. While Ginta sat on the bed wondering what he had done.

The both walked out like nothing happened. When Bob-o knew Snow wasn’t close enough to hear, he said “Master, I tried to tell you.” Ginta looked at Bob-o and smiled, “It’s alright, I know, she knows now. We are ok.” Snow stared at the ground, walking right next to Jack, not even paying attention to Ginta. They walked out of the castle, now their mission, to find the rest of their friends.

“What! Impossible, I summoned your father.” Alviss gasped. “Well my father is here, but he jumped after me.” Loco replied. “Oh no, well, the spell probably thought you would suit fine to come help M.A.R.E, what it didn’t know was that, you are a 14 year old boy!” Alviss shouted. Loco looked at Alviss and said “Wait, I may be 14, but I can learn the ways of my father, like he said he destroyed the chesspices, and Phantom.” Alviss knew Phantom was still alive, but he went along and said “Really, he told you all those stories?” “Yes, I didn’t really believe him, at all. Until I got sucked into this place.” Loco replied. “Well alright, I shall train you to become like your father.” Loco knew the road ahead was going to be tough, but he was excited to learn.

Alviss and Loco traveled to a large plain right outside of downtown M.A.R.E, called Flim plain, because it had a vast amount of Flim plants. Alviss took out his totem pole, and explained to Loco what an Airum is and the many things about it. Loco already knew this thanks to his father, but listened well anyway. He just wanted the real training to begin. When Alviss was finished he tossed a sword to Loco. Loco held it like it was made of gold. Before he could hold it right is was hit out o his hands with Alviss’s totem pole. “Rule 1: Never get distracted.” Alviss said. Loco picked the sowrd back up, and grasped it tight. He charged at Alviss. He knew playtime was over.

Alviss flashbacked to seeing Ginta train, and knew his son would be just as good. He clashed with Loco, and sweat with every stroke. He swung his totem pole underneath Loco’s feet and tripped him. “Finished.” Alviss laughed. Loco refused and swung his sword. Alviss swung to the right just in time to be grazed by the sword in his side, cutting through his clothes. Loco stabbed the sword in the ground and shouted “No more games, I want to learn to fight and find my father!”

“Just like your father.” Alviss smiled and said. Alviss put his hands on Loco’s shoulders and told him to concentrate real hard and how to control his magical force. Loco did so, and to Loco’s surprise, he started glowing with a force around him that was red, then after it turned green, purple, yellow, finally white. Loco screamed as if being stabbed. “Good! learn to control it with rage not anger.” Alviss requested walking around his pupil. Loco couldn’t handle it anymore and so he fall. He spread out across the plain. Alviss came to his side shouting “Loco!” He kneeled beside him. Loco suddenly opened his eyes and went back to his magical force, straight to white, shouting at the top of his lungs. He threw Alviss back thousands of feet. “Made you look!” Loco shouted. He smirked and said “Try that on for size.”

Alviss walked back to Loco and smiled, whiping blood from the side of his lips. “You have done well, and for that I give you this.” Alviss said throwing a ring to Loco. It had skulls and ancient looking designs on it. Loco asked why he gave him this. Alviss smiled and replied “You tell me.” Loco put it on his finger and shouted weapon airum. a bright light came out of the ring. When the light dimmed, Loco held a big long sword that was double edged. “What is it called?” Loco asked. Alviss replied “It is called Helen.” Loco was puzzled why it was called such a weird name. Suddenly Loco noticed three small hole pockets towards the top of the butt of the sword. “What are this holes?” Loco aksed. Alviss replied “They are called magic stone holes, you put little pink stones into the hole, and tell it what spell or other magical power to do, it’s like having three airums in one.” Loco smiled and asked where he could get such a treasure. Alviss said “They are very rare, but I think i know where to get them, follow me.” Loco followed Alviss to a little shack just north of the Flim Plain. Alviss knocked on the door, and a eye slot opened and out popped out two pink beautiful eyes. “I have come to buy some stones.” Alviss requested. The slot closed and the door opened. Loco watched as he saw the most beautiful girl he had seen. She had light pink hair, and pretty pink eyes. She wore a solid black skirt, barely covering her legs, and a tight blacklong sleeve shirt. Her ears had pink diamond ear rings. She had pigtails in her pink hair. Loco stared at her in amazement. “It’s not polite to stare.” She smirked. Loco snapped out of the daze. “I bet she would be a good kisser.” Loco thought. The girl cleared her throat and said “Anyway, I am Dorthy the witch, how may I help you?”

Phantom was now miles and miles away from the center of M.A.R.E(Downtown M.A.R.E) He and Spirit walked on a dead trail for some time, until they came to a sign that was half broken and read Welcome to Slaughter town, enter if you dare! Phantom knew this was a great place to start his new empire. “So this is Slaughter Town?” He asked Spirit. “Why yes of course, here you will find the most deadliest criminals.” Spirit said. Phantom smiled and said “Well, shall we.” pointing to the sign. They entered the gates of Slaughter Town, and as soon as Phantom stepped on the dirt ground of the town a sword was inserted in his body.

Phantom smiled, took out the sword and said “Alright, come on out, no worries…I can’t die.” Suddenly a group of poor looking people came out of the shadows. Phantom walked more inward towards the town and saw broken down houses, and dry grounds. “You need a savior.” Phantom smirked. Phantom looked upon the crowd and tried to find somone that might look they are in charge of this town. Suddenly a women, stepped up to Phantom. She had on a leather suit zipped up a little below her chest. She had long white hair dangling down across her eyes. She looked up at Phantom and said “If you are looking for a place to rule, this isn’t it. Slaughter town is ruined, all the criminals escaped and ruined this place. Now all that remains is the criminals’ families.” Phantom smiled and said “If you wish to survive, come with us.” The women did as he said. “Spirit, take care of this town.” Phantom said waving his hand. Spirit shouted “Weapon Airum, Flaming Arrow!” A bow and arrow appeared in Spirit’s hand and he shot it right in the middle of the crowd of people. The Women followed Phantom out of the town. All she heard, was the burning citizens of her town screaming.

Phantom and his followers went back to Flim Plain. The Women looked at Phantom and finally spoke, “My name is Myst, I have lived in Slaughter Town for years. I am fond of you for getting rid of that wretched town. I have abilities that I will be happy to show you, to help you and serve you, I am yours now.” Phantom smiled and said “Show me.” Phantom took out a dagger and waited for her to show her powers. Myst closed her eyes and suddenly dissolved into a myst, hints her name. Phantom couldn’t see anything, before he knew it the myst dissepeared and out from behind him was Myst holding his dagger. “Well done, you win.” Phantom smirked. “You won’t even know I am there.” Myst smiled. Phantom clapped. “Anyway, My brother is another “Special” person like me, if you want him in this team.” Myst mentioned. Phantom nodded and said, “We aren’t a team, we are the Zonnen Knights.”

Ginta and his friends were in a diner eating meant and drinking Flim, when Ginta asked, “So, where are the rest of the members of our old team?” Jack looked around to c if anyone knew other then him, then he spoke, “Well, to be honest Ginta, we are the only ones that stayed in touch. Alviss floats around, and Alan is who knows where.” Snow apoke up and said “I know where Alan is, last time he was at a town called Slaughter Town, trying to help them with some problem.” Ginta got up and said “Slaughter Town it is”

Ginta was amazed at the sight of the town. “What happend here?!” He shouted. “Well, it looks like something, or someone burned it to the ground.” Jack said. Ginta sighed, and went more into the town. The team followed him. He passed burnt home and shops after another. He finally came to a house that was only half burned from the fire. The team went inside and started looking for Alan. Ginta found most of everything burnt to the ground, and he found a few papers and junk on the floor. He studied what was on the floor and saw a photo. It was of Alan as a human, and Alviss. They both had on Crossguard armor on. Ginta tucked the photo into his pocket. Ginta peered into other rooms, but still no sign of Alan. He suddenly found a pile of wood beams in the living room. The team picked them up one by one. Ginta finally saw a head, with great amounts of blood on it. It was Alan.

Once Snow was done curing him with her Airum, he regained consinous. “Uh–huh? What happened?” Alan questioned. Ginta smiled and said “Alan, long time no see.” Alan squinted then reconized him. “Ginta, you have returned!” He shouted. Everyone was smiling and happy to see their friend again. They cleaned up Alan, and gave him a black tanktop and green army pants to wear. While they were at it, they gave Ginta M.A.R.E clothes to help blend in. He wore a long sleeved v-neck looking tunic, and black pants, with silver shoes. The team exited the town and ginta asked Alan “So where is Ed?” Alan sighed and answered “Well, sadly Ed moved on.” Ginta made a weird face, “What do you mean?” Ginta asked. Alan repeated “He moved on, left, redirected, went to another country.” Ginta nodded, then asked “There are other countries, besides M.A.R.E?” Alan replied “Yes, remember, you are in another world.” Ginta nodded a second time. “I see, well thats too bad.” Ginta replied Alan nodded. Ginta went on and asked “So, Alan, who burned down this town?” Alan stared into space and replied “You will never guess who.” Ginta looked at Alan for awhile, and said “Try me.” Alan spoke “Phantom.” Ginta couldn’t beleive it. Was he still alive? How could this be? He killed him…how? Ginta sweat beats of sweat, and was speechless. He finally spoke, “Where is he?” Alan replied, “I don’t know, but we can try his home town, Ghost Town.” Ginta tightened his fist, for he knew his enemy was still at large. He grinded his teeth, and said “To Ghost Town it is.”

Loco gazed at the women, and said “Well, hey there Dorthy.” She winked. “Alviss rolled his eyes and cleared his throat, and said, “Ahem, I would love to stay and chat Dorthy, but we are on a tight schedule.” Dorthy smiled and repiled “Alright, come inside.” Loco stepped inside and saw beakers and flasks, and other chemistry items like that all over. On tables, hanging form the ceiling, etc. Some were full of strange looking fluids, others were empty. He felt the need to touch them, but knew that wouldn’t make a first good impression on Dorthy.

Dorthy searched around her so called organized pile of potions and such, and finally found three magic pink stones. She handed them to Loco and said “Have fun.” Loco blushed just from her getting close to her. Dorthy knew Loco liked her and smiled at the sight of it. Dorthy stared at Loco for a moment. “Staring is impolite.” Loco said with a huge red face. Dorthy giggled and said “Haha, sorry, you just remind of someone.” Loco stopped flirting and said, “What, oh let me guess, Ginta?” Dorthy gasped and looked and Alviss. Alviss smirked and said “I ment to tell you, Dorthy, this is Loco, Ginta’s son.” Dorthy screamed “How can this be possible?!” Loco studied Dorthy more and said “Wait, Dorthy, the Dorthy the Witch?” Dorthy nodded. Loco widened his eyes and shouted “You are suppposed to be dead!”

Dorthy couldn’t believe this, she slowly said “How…did..you…know?” Alviss stepped up and said, “His father has told him everything, the stories of M.A.R.E.” Dorthy gasped. Loco still couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “How are you alive.” Loco asked once again. Dorthy showed Loco to a chair in her lab so called, and they all sat down. “Alright look, you probably know that me and my sister pretty much died together right?” Dorthy questioned. Loco nodded. “Ok well, we both did die, but Once everyone left, Alviss knew i would be of good use as to making potions and such, so he used a reseraction spell on me, which you can only do once every 10 years. They used it on Phantom in the last war, and using this, it comes with a price.” Dorthy concluded. “What kind of price?” Loco aksed. Dorthy responded, “The price          of never falling in love.”

Loco thought for a second, that was a huge and terrible price. “So, do the others know your alive?” Loco asked. Dorthy stared at the floor, and replied, “Uh, haha, not really, they can’t know. It would ruin our relationship, as a team.” Loco nodded. Dorthy looked back up and said, “Well, anywho, I need to get those stones for you.” Dorthy skipped to a back room in her lab. Loco looked at Alviss, wondering what he was thinking. “So, she seems…different.” Loco said awkwardly. Alviss nodded. Dorthy came back and handed Loco four stones. Loco was amazed at the sight of these pink bright stones. He looked at them as they glimmered in his hands. He slowly put them in his pockets. Alviss finally sopke up and said, “Well, Dorthy, we have to find Loco’s father, would you like to help us?” Dorthy eyes widened and she screamed, “Did you not just hear what I just said, it would kill the team if they found out I was still alive.” Alviss took a deep breath and said, “I know, but they have to find out sooner or later.” Dorthy sighed. “Alright, from the looks of it, Ginta is missing and Phantom is still at large trying to recruit criminals.”Alviss said. Loco gasped, “Phantom is alive, dang, anyone else you would like to come back to life?” Alviss smirked, “Yeah, he has his ways, the only thing I can think of to do, is to go to his home town, Ghost town.” The group of three finally excepted and followed Alviss to Ghost town.

Loco hadn’t seen such a deserted, scary looking place in his life. He saw the old broken down towns and light mist in the air. He felt chills on his back every couple of seconds. “Well, welcome to Ghost town.” Alviss sighed as he showed the view. Loco gasped. Dorthy sighed. “Well, let’s get to looking.” Loco requested. Alviss looked at Loco and thought, “It’s crazy, he is just like Ginta.”  Loco was just about to say something else, when he saw a group of people, and one of them was his father.

Loco forgot about his new friends, and raced down to his father. He shouted his name as the group turned around. Ginta hugged his son as the embraced each other. The rest of the group looked in amazement, as Loco look just like Ginta. Ginta intoduced Loco and Loco said hi. Loco pointed to his friends, but they were gone. “What? They were just here.” Loco questioned himself. “It’s alright, but what were their names?” Ginta asked. Loco blinked to make sure, then replied, “Alviss and a witch named Dorthy.” Ginta gasped and so did the others. Loco looked at his father and said, “Yes, I know, she is supposed to be dead.” Ginta was suddenly glad his son listened to the tales he told him. Loco told them of the spell Alviss used on her. The group now wanted to see their long lost friend. Ginta thought the same thing, but then thought of the task they must do, and said, “Alright guys, we must hurry and find Phantom.” The group nodded and said in reply, “Where to?” Ginta looked around and finally said “To the capitol of this town.”

Phantom walked along a narrow path as they entered a mysterious town. Myst pointed to huge house that had half of it burned down. Phantom walked slowly to it. He walked in and found a skinny, poor looking man sitting at a table. He had torn clothes and was playing with fly with his hands. “Well, what is your name?” Phantom asked. The man looked up and saw his sister, and Phantom, and replied “Name….Cocoon.” Myst sighed and said, “This is Phantom, he wants us to join him to control M.A.R.E.” Cocoon just closed his eyes and crushed the fly in his hands, and asked, “Mission?” “Phantom chuckles and says sofly “Stay here, guard this town, and make sure a blonde haired man doesn’t get out of this town, alive.” Cocoon nodded and walked out the house and to the entrance of the town.

Myst was now sitting arcoss from Phantom and asked him finally, “So, what exactly are you planning?” Phantom smirked and brought his fingertips together, and replied, “Well Myst, it is like this. I have something called the Zombie tattoo, it makes me immortal, but it sents out a key somewhere in M.A.R.E. The key is the key to my heart and if you turn the key and insert it in my body, i get sucked into an orb. So i have made a plan that will not only protect me, but also kill Ginta in the process. We shall travel to every town in M.A.R.E and find a Zonen Knight to watch for Ginta, because I know Ginta too well, He will travel to the ends of the earth to kill me again. So anyway, The Knight will fight Ginta and his followers. Chances are, the Knight fail, but sooner or later Ginta will get tired, and at that moment we will swoop in and kill him when he is weakened.” Myst thought over the plan for a few minutes, then asked “Well, what if he finds the key before the guard gets to him?” Phantom replied, “The guard will protect the town, don’t worry.” Myst still had her doubts, but in the end she trusted her new master. Phantom finally said, “Well let’s not waste anymore time, on to the next town.”

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