Lucky number 13

By @Deadrose_656

Lucky number 13

By @Deadrose_656

13 kids were born on the same day, October 13th 2001 and on their 18th birthday they learn they all have powers. Will they use their powers for good or for evil? Will relationships stay together?

Chapter 1

The birthday

Beep beep beep. I wake up to my alarm. I check my phone Sunday, 6:00 AM. Why would I set an alarm for Sunday? I take a glance at the date, October thirteenth my birthday. I get on the group chat with my best friends. I look at the most recent text. It’s from my best friend Elaine. Elaine:Happy birthday gang. Clubhouse? I smile at the text ever since our fifth birthday exactly thirteen years ago we’ve gone to our clubhouse.Melody: You know me too well. BTW happy unlucky thirteen year anniversary of the lucky thirteen club. I pack an overnight bag with clothes, a charger, money for pizza, and movies. “ Bye mom.” I walk past my mom sitting at the table.

 She looked at me.” Forgetting something?” She asks me. 

 I think for a second. “ I don’t think so. I got clothes, my charger, money, and my movies.” She looks at my outfit. I’m in my pajamas. She does a little laugh. “I should go change shouldn’t I?” She does a little head nod yes. 

 She points to a black pretty dress on the table. “ Happy birthday Melody. Love you.” She tells me.

I take the dress to my room and get changed and fix my hair. “ Bye Melody.”

 I grab my keys and go to my car. I start the car and like every year I head to Forests family farm but not before I grab a baker’s dozen of donuts for the gang. I drive to the big barn and park in one of the thirteen parking spots. I go up to the door in front and walk in being greeted by Hex the black cat that Forests mom bought us for our thirteenth birthday. “ Hey Hexy have you been good for Forest.” She responds with a mew.

 “ It’s almost like you can speak to her. What does she say?” My idiot boyfriend Evan asks me.

 “Sorry she only talks to Rose.” I tell him. “ So anyone else here?” 

 “Me, you, Forest, Elaine, and Stan. I think that’s everyone.” He tells me. I hear someone run down the stairs. I turn my head to see my best friend Elaine and her boyfriend Stan.

 “There’s my fave couple. Melody and Evan, friends from birth but took them fourteen years to get together.” Elaine tells me and Evan. We give each other a big hug. “Lets go to our room and put away your stuff.” 

 “Lets go El.” I tell her as we loop our arms and venture up the stairs to get to the girls room. The hay loft was split up into two rooms one for the girls one for the guys. They each have three bunk beds but the girls have one extra twin bed for Trudy. I hear two more sets of footsteps up the steps. “ Rose and Lily.” Elaine tells me.

 “Hey guys did you do the anatomy homework?” Rose asks us. We laugh. I can tell we’re both thinking the same thing. Homework, on our birthday.HA.

 We head down the stairs to see that Alex and Jace arrived. Lily runs and hugs Alex. “Hello to you to.” Alex jokes to Lily. We sit in the commons and talk while waiting for Lilith, Trudy, Olivia, and Charlie to get here. 

 “Sorry little miss Lilith had to take forever to do her hair.” Charlie tells us. Lilith flips him onto the ground.

 “Who spent forever doing their hair? Because it took me five minutes to fix mine.” Lilith tells Charles who looks like he’s about to cry. 

 “Me.” Charles mutters. “I took forever on my hair.”

 “Was that so hard. So did anyone order pizza? I’ll take a supreme .” Lilith askes us.

 “Who wants pepperoni pizza raise your hand.” Evan, Stan, Charles, Elaine, Olivia, and Trudy raise their hands. “Who wants supreme?” Lilith, Alex, and Jace raise their hands. “Let me guess veggie pizza for you three?” I ask Rose, Lily, and Forest. 

 “You know us too well! Are you a mind reader?” Rose jokes.

 “If only. Wait let me guess what you’re thinking right now.” I tell her. “You’re thinking that Forest is hot.” I tell Rose.

 “Ummm nooo. I would never think that.” Rose says while blushing hard. “Wait, you actually read my mind is that like a superpower?” 

 “You were actually reading her mind. I thought you guys set that up.” Jace tells us. I look over at Lily as it seems that I’m almost gravitating towards her. I look down at the rug I’m standing on, it’s moving on its own.

 “What’s going on. First I can read minds then the rug starts moving towards Lily. Please tell me this is a joke.” I look around the room to see if someone confesses. “Are we mutants?” 

 “Lets go to my mom.” Forest says trying to be resureing but still worried as the house plants start to grow towards him. “Run hurry.” He says as Trudy starts to hold her head. It looks as red demon horns are sprouting out of her head and large boney red wings out of her back. She yells but it doesn’t sound like her, it sounds like a reincarnation of the devil.

 “Help me.” Trudy pleads to us and she starts to cry. “It’s too late, run!” It sounds like her but more demonic. “GO!” The demonic voice yells as Trudy’s eyes turn dark red. We start to run to the house as we hear wings flapping towards us. I turn around to see a jet black raven. I look at the eyes and they’re the same color as Rose’s ,dark blue.

 “Rose is that you?” I ask the raven. Thinking that anything was possible today. I was half hoping that the raven wouldn’t respond or I was until I realized that Rose wasn’t there and if she’s not here then she’s with that thing that took over Trudy. 

 “Yes, why do you ask do I have horns too?” The raven no Rose asks. I stare at the ground and she does to, then it looks as if she just realized that she was a raven and starts to fall but something catches her. 

 “You ok Rose?” The thing holding her up but I don’t see anything. “Why are you guys staring at me? Am I that hot?” The voice says. We get to the house and Forest rushes everyone in even the invisible thing. We look out the kitchen window and see Trudy flying towards us. We look behind us and see Alex standing where the invisible thing was.

 “So I guess we’re not getting pizza then?” Charles asks. Trying to be funny but he’s not.

 “Will you shut the hell up? I’m trying to think and I don’t need your smart ass comments unless you’re going to fight that thing that took over Trudy on your own which I don’t advise.” Lilith tells Charles. “Let’s get this straight. Melody can read minds, Rose turns into animals, Lily has telekinesis, Trudy’s a demon, Forest has chlorokinesis, and Alex can turn invisible. Is that all?” 

 We all look down then Stan decides to get a glass of water. He turns on the faucet and the cup freezes. We all break down and start to laugh. Evan accidentally sets his hand on fire while laughing which makes us laugh more. “Well we know two more powers.” We all laugh even harder. It almost seemed like we forgot that we could die in that very moment and that this was the single most important moment of our lives.

 We hear a yell from outside which causes us to stop and make a plan. “We have to attack! It’s the only way to save everyone.” Jace yells. “Who’s with me?” Lilith, Charles, Lily, Forest, and Rose move towards him. “Olivia come on you know it’s the only way.” He tries to tell her. But she looks away ashamed.

 “No it’s not we need to save Trudy not kill her. She’s in there somewhere I know it. She’s our friend, not enemy if you think that she’s the enemy then I’m sorry but we’re done.” Olivia says bursting into tears.

 “Olivia’s right we can’t kill Trudy. We need to save her if you guys can’t see that well goodbye. Come on guys.” I tell the people that don’t want to kill Trudy. Evan, Elaine, Stan, and Alex come. “Come on Olivia we need to save our friend.”

 We go out to see a trail away from the house leading back to the barn. “We need to get back to my place and sort this out.” I tell the other five. We get into our cars and go to my place.

 “Melody is that you? Why are you back so soon?” My mom asks me. We get a text on the group chat, it’s from Jace. Jace: Sharpen your pitchforks were killing the monster tonight.

 “Sorry mom but I have a question about the lucky thirteen. Was there anything weird about the pregnancies? Like powerful kicks, hot or cold temperatures, weird plants growing by them?” I ask her.

 “We should’ve told you guys years ago but yes we all experienced abnormalities during the pregnancies. You guys were only three months old when you were born the weirdest part was that you guys looked and were as healthy as a nine month old which means you guys grew three times faster than a normal baby in the stomach. And you all were born at 1:13 pm or in 24 hour time 13:13.” My mom tells us.

 We exchanged a weird look to each other. “ We need to get to Trudy ASAP. We can’t let them kill her.” Olivia tells us.

 “Kill here what are you talking about? Melody what’s going on?” My mom asks me.

 “Trudy turned into this demonic thing with horns and wings. She cried for help, but then the voice yelled go to us and we did. Jace thinks that we lost Trudy and he wants to kill her. We need to stop him and save Trudy.” I tell my mom.

 Olivia runs out the door and we see a blur go past the window. About a minute later she runs back in, her hair going everywhere. “I found her. She’s still at the clubhouse. But the rest are getting weapons to try and fight her. If we hurry we can move her and save her. Oh Charlie has super strength too, does that help?” Olivia says to us.

 “Where did you go Olivia, the clubhouse is about fifteen miles away. Even if you ran it would’ve taken you an hour and a half.” I tell her. Then I accidentally read her mind.“Your power is speed. That makes more sense.”

 “Great one more power down one to go.” Evan says, trying to keep our spirits up. I look at my mom. I see her praying but things were floating around her.

 “This is my fault. I was the one who made a deal with the devil so you guys could be born.” My mom says bursting into tears. We go over and comfort her.

 “Here’s my plan. Olivia takes Alex to the clubhouse. While you’re there Alex sets up traps around the clubhouse, while Olivia takes the weapons and hides them here. Stan will freeze them as Olivia goes back to get Alex by the big oak tree by the clubhouse. Once everyone gets back I’ll explain the next part of the plan.” I tell the other five. Alex turns invisible as Olivia picks him up and runs out the door. She drops off the guns five minutes later. Stan freezes them then they break.

 “You’re only stalling Trudy’s death. Now that I have my power we’re pretty much unstoppable.” We turn around and see Lilith then she teleports behind Evan holding a knife to his neck. “You can’t save her and save him at the same time. Where’s Alex and Olivia.” I turn around but don’t see them. “Hello Olivia Jace says hi. He wants to see if you see if you see the right choice yet?” Lilith tells the air, I didn’t think that Alex could make others invisible.

 “I will never hurt Trudy.” Elaine says. She singles me by the sush sign.

 “Well fine Olivia you made your choice. Next time we meet, we won’t be so kind. Goodbye I have a monster to kill.” Lilith tells all of us as she disappears into the air.

 “Teleportation nice.” Evan says to me. Then he put his arm around me. “Don’t worry we’ll save her.”  

 So we did. We got into our cars and drove to the farm. “It seems ironic how this is where our friendship started and this is where it’s gonna end.” I say to them as we get out of our cars. I see Jace flying in the air with a bow and arrow. He aims and hits me in the shoulder. “Get him!” I yell at them. Holding back all the things I want to say. Tears running down my face, but we still have to save Trudy no matter how hurt we are.

 We run and start to attack. I see Olivia run and attempt to fight Jace but she gets struck in what looks like her heart with an arrow. “Tell the stars I said goodbye.” Olivia says to me after I run over to her. She takes one last breath and with that she dies.

 “You, you jerk if you ever loved her you would stop this war.” I yell to Jace. As the whole world stops around us. I turn and see Trudy flying with golden angelic wings and a halo.

 “Truer words have never been spoken in this group. It was you Melody who showed me the light in my darkest days and it will be you who ends this civil war. Here is the sword of demons. Kill Jace and this will all be over.” She says as she hands me a blood red sword. The world then continued. I see Jace crying over Olivia’s dead body.

 “Why did I do this? I loved her. With all my heart I loved her.” I hear Jace cry. I read his mind to see if he’s lying, but he’s not. 

 Jace turns his head and looks at me, then at the sword. “Go ahead, kill me, I deserve it.” Jace says but I can’t kill him. No I can but I won’t.


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