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Love Song

By @Margarida_1209

I see your smile.

I hear your laugh.

I notice your style.

How do you look so good in every photograph?

I want to fly.

To be with you;

To try.

How? I have no clue.

How can you be so gentle?

You dance the night away.

How can I be so settle?

Teach me how so sway.

I’m afraid, but then

In your chocolate sweet eyes,

I can breath again

And see my paradise.

You burn my heart

Every single moment.

Since the start

You were my heart’s showman.

How I want

Things to be different.

To change the font.

To you I’m just indifferent.

How can dreams

Feel so lovely?

How real it all seams…

In every sleep a new discovery.

I dream with an us,

Moving mountains together.

Changing the world; plus

Our lives only for the better.

I hope for you come

Knocking at my door

Thinking of what we will overcome.

Sweeping my feet of the floor.

Teach me how to love.

Teach me how to smile;

To fly above

And stay up there for a while.

I see you catched another.

Our red rose fell.

How had the floor felt so further?

I hear a bell.

I fell all the way down.

My heart is broken.

At least now,

My eyes are opened.

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