Love Incarnate

By @Polysubstitutedbenze
Love Incarnate

Two lycanthropes made for each other foretold by the videan centuries ago .Is her prospecy wrong ?? Will an Alpha mate an omega .who hides a secret long past gone

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Chapter 1


Close to birth was the blood moon ,where our videan prophesied that

A day will come where two lycanthropes ,being mates will be in LOVE

So powerful that NOT even their enemies or black magic could destroy

their LOVE for each other.Their LOVE could move mountains and would

be remembered throughout the history .”

The prophecy was taken as an old wives tale by us ,but NOT so by the elder members of our pack

ON JULY 14th 2012

A beautiful girl was born ,lips red as blood,white as snow,hair that flowed like the stream & eyes that shone like the sapphires,her name was Esmeralda(meaning beauty)in Danaskalia.On the same day,somewhere along the border of Danaskalia & Grendorf,he was born.Her mate.A boy with beautiful brown eyes when looked into ,one who feel his eyes piercing into ones soul.Lean and handsome like his father,Alpha .of Randolph Gradier pack and a heart that is strong and kind-hearted to those who deserve it .His name was Xavier Randolph .Unlike other lycanthropes,he hid a secret that he was a lycan as well as a vampire

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