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Love hurts

By @Blackrose

The Conclusion

Okay, She had come to the conclusion.. Well that’s what she thought.

She wants to cry,

No tears to hide, no shame to feel,




He wanted to tell her ‘I really did’

She could not look him in his face.

She showed no grace,

Does this sound familiar to you?

‘How could you’


Here they go,

They stare at each other, through the glistening snow…

Her tears never to be seen,

they hid under the sleet that was the snow, so no one would know-

‘I love you, you know I do’


He goes in for the touch,

tries to swipe her hair like he always used to do,

When she was troubled, and needed someone, that simple sweep of her hair would always make her smile,



Her screech could be heard from a thousand miles,

Cold and bitter, like the chill in her eyes,

The winter snow, still glistened on.

‘Please don’t leave me.’


She turned away,

he grabbed her back-


The smallest whisper but could be heard from the heavens.

Her memories of him caressed her heart, 

but her mind was made up.


She removed his hand as gentle as the sun ,which finally shone through the bitter cold.

To conclude, there was no conclusion 

she was confused.


How can you love the one you hurt?

I guess there is a conclusion, love may not bring

a happy ending.


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