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Love, from one soul to another

By @Anonymous_Bunny

sweetness coats my tongue

it’s like the taste of strawberries

from your soft lips.

when i open my eyes i see beauty

bright yellows and complete silence

and you.

your voice now flows through the room

into my head to never leave

and you have that unforgettable smile

it’s so amazing

like everything else when we’re together.

it’s as if we’re in a world were nothing can hurt us

everything’s frozen in a beautiful scene

you and me, finally together

i firmly hold your hands

as if they were somehow going to disappear if i let go

they feel like missing puzzle pieces 

connecting to mine at last

this isn’t just love

this is better than that

it’s a feeling of permanent happiness

bringing two souls together

bonding them for all eternity

creating an unbreakable promise between people

what once was a simple interest and a great friendship

is now better


and more beautiful than everything.

it’s true perfection.

-B. Turpin

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