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By @Joyous_One

Monday, April 6, 2015 8:46PM

Lust flutters through our bodies

Sending tingling sensations through us

Causing us to clash bodies and untie as a unit

As humanly fast as we can, naked skin is shown

Sweat drips from the brow

As one kiss is pressed softy

Then it lingers down the waist

Causing butterflies to rise

While next the tongue flickers inside and out

Arching of the back begins

Gripping the sheets , finally it may begin

Rolling around and goofing about

Raises penetration to escalate to love making

Rocking, thrusting movement

Then escapes the lips a little moan

That eventually amplifies

Creating pleasure to spread out among us

Kissing deeply to deepen the passion

For once they had made love to each other

creating lust forever with a unbreakable bond of love and passion

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