Lost Twins

By @arise

Chapter 1

Lost Twins

Tina was a popular girl who went to Harvard. She loved studying and was good at everything. When she was young, her mom left her at an orphanage with her twin sister. She was later adopted at the age of two by her foster parents. Her foster parents always spoiled her and had high standards for her. She lived in a mansion on the mountain tops. The land spread over 5000 square feet. Each room in the house had a large chandelier. The floor was made of marble, and there was a swimming pool in the backyard. Everyone envied her. Tina always got the newest editions of everything, but there was one problem. She was never happy. Tina never smiled and no one ever heard her laugh.

   In the bay area attending Ohlone College was Selina. She was living in an “okay” home with nice foster parents. Her parents always tried their best to provide what she wanted. Despite her situation, she was always happy. She loved music, dancing, singing and hated studying. She always fought through situations with a smile on her face, and always laughed.

   These two people were very different but they shared a story no one knew. They were twins. On November 26, Tina wanted to party with her friends. Her friends got her a beautiful bracelet with a charm of the letter T. Selina, on the other hand, celebrated her birthday with her family. She also got a bracelet with the letter S on it. The meaning behind the bracelet meant secretive, and it had secret powers. They both liked the bracelet and meaning very much. Their birthdays were the same as any other year and they continued on with their lives.

The next day came and they both woke up to start their day. Tina heard the sound of birds chirping, so she realized it was morning. Tina opened her eyes and knew something was wrong at first glance. She was not in the room she fell asleep. The walls had a disgusting color of blue and she was not in her own clothes. She went to look in the mirror and realized that she had the same face and body, but there was an extra mole on the side of her cheek that she didn’t have. A random lady barged into the room and hugged her. She was shocked and stood still as a statue. The lady said, “Go get ready for school or you will be late. That’s when Tina realized that she not in her own body, and the woman who talked to her was supposedly the other girl’s mom. Tina was really surprised but she asked her what school she went to and apparently, it was Ohlone College. It took Tina a long time to get ready because honestly, all the clothes were bad. She choose to go with a dress and cardigan because those were the only decent clothes in the closet. After choosing her clothes, Tina finally got into the car. She took out a phone she found in the girl’s room and tried to figure out the password. Thankfully, there was no password. Tina managed to drive to Ohlone College using Google Maps but wondered what was happening. She decided that she will drive to her own house and try to figure things out. She drove back home with an uneasy feeling, and she pulled up to her driveway. Tina knocked on her door, and her mom opened it. Her mom stood there as if she seen a ghost and told her to come in. Tina asked to see Tina, and her mom leads her to her room and closed the door when she left. When she went in, she saw herself looking out the window. “She must be my twin sister. How could this happen? Why did we switch bodies,” Tina thought. Selina turned around looking at Tina and she looked at her up and down. Tina waited until Selina calmed down and started explaining the situation. “We have switched bodies, and I don’t know the reason why, or how, so I decided to come here to see what we can do,” Tina explained. Selina replied, “I know but I don’t know what went wrong.” They later decided to ask my mom, and she said that we are twins but she doesn’t know how we switched bodies either. They contemplated for some time in the living room but had no solution. We told our story of what happened yesterday, but couldn’t think of anything. Selina and Tina decided to go to Selina’s house to find more clues.

They drove quickly and knocked on the door. When Selina’s mom opened the door, she turned pale. She was looking at double of her daughter’s face. Selina explained the situation. They told her the events that happened to us the day before and she had no clue either. That’s when Tina realized that they were both wearing bracelets. They had the same bracelet on their wrists. They started looking closely and the one Selina’s wrist had the initial T and the one on Tina’s hand was initial S. They were hoping that that was the key that would turn them back to normal. They exchanged bracelets,then everything was like a magic tunnel. Tina and Selena opened their eyes and realized they were in their original body. They alter found out that when their friends and parents were buying the gift, there was a mix up in their orders. They got the wrong order.

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