Lost In The Depths Of The Jungle

By @Waitukubuli

Chapter 1


Charmain’s POV

“Jackie where are you!?”

“Chris! Jermain!”

I looked frantically at our trashed, little settlement we called home for the past five days. I went to the river to wash some clothes and when I came back, our tents were torn, pots and pans scattered over the floor and our bags stolen.

I dropped the basin of the last bit of clothing I had and ran. Where to? I don’t know, I just needed to find them.

“Jackie! Chris! Jermain!” I yelled once more. Where could they be. I searched everywhere but alas, they weren’t there. I went back to our trashed settlement and started to clean the mess. Twenty minutes Later, I was done and exhausted. I slumped against the trunk of a tree, buried my face in my hands and cried.

Why now. Why me. Lord knows I can’t survive out here on my own. My phone doesn’t even work.

To make matters worse, I have no idea where in the jungle I am. Jermain was the only person who knew since he was our guide.

“UGH!” I screamed in frustration and kicked over the basin that was at my side.

“What to do, what to do what to do” I thought to myself.

SNAP!” My eyes quickly scanned the area when I heard the snapping of a twig. I thought I saw a black shadow behind some leaves, so I got up grabbed a pan and stood in a fighting stance. Or what I thought was a fighting stance.

“Who goes ther–Ahhhhh!”

Then All Went Black

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