Lost and Alone

By @TheCheesy0ldm3

Lost and Alone

By @TheCheesy0ldm3

A short series about a girl drowning, and coming to terms with her self and her life. soon to be rescued as she changes her life for the better whilst trying to solve the reason someone tried to kill her.

Chapter 1


I could feel water all around me, cold and lifeless as if it was swallowing me whole. I remember hearing once that when faced with death, your life the entirety of what I had lived would flash before my eyes. Reliving each and every moment, but I did not want to remember mine.

I could slowly feel the panic set in, was I really ready for death? Or should I stay and fight. It was then that I realised a pressure on my chest, was this the reason I couldn’t move?

My eyes burst open, causing my fists to clench. I could see the moonlight rippling in the water and a silhouette of something, draped over me showing no other action than aggression.

I was now bathing in fear and panic, I didn’t know what to do. I kicked with all my might, my screams never to be heard muffled by the water. Was I going to die?

I could feel the mockery of death dancing around me, my vision was fading.

I am losing strength.

I could see it fully now, the light from the night sky. I was trying to remember the warmth of the sun. I was losing feeling, my body was limp and lifeless.

It was then I realised that the silhouette above me was gone. But I couldn’t move.

I could feel a warmth flowing down my face, was I crying?

It was then I knew that I needed to summon up the last of my strength. I wanted to survive.

My chest tightened and screamed with everything I had left in me. But there was nothing but silence.

My eyes began to close, burning from the sea salt, darkness was taking me again. I had nothing left except for this cold emotionless water keeping me company.

I was drowning.

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