Long time love

By @little_pingy
Long time love

A girl and her two friends travel to Italy together. But at the airport they meet her first love and it looks like he will share her flight and even her hotel.

Chapter 1

Meeting again

Today the vacation will begin. Just one long flight and then the real fun will begin. At least, that is what my best friends, Martha and Julia, have been telling me for a month now. We decided to have a two week vacation in Italy, when I broke up with my long time boyfriend, who cheated on me and made his ex pregnant.

Needless to say, I really wanted this trip to be perfect, because all three of us felt, that we deserve it. I had already packed and now we were on our way to the airport.

Julia was a bit sad, because she would miss her children, twin boys, who were five years old. Out of the three of us, only she had children. Martha was engaged to her first love and long time boyfriend. I was happy for them and still am. I just wished, that I had someone waiting for me to come back.

But I was also happy, that me and my ex had broken up. If I hadn’t known about his cheating, then I still would have broken up with him.

Lately we had so many fights and he was just not right for me. I met him after my father died and he helped me through it. But now I could remember those days and just sigh.

Except my ex, I had only loved one man my entire life and I was now twenty seven years old. His name is Dan and we went to the same high school, he was one year older.

Our eyes would meet almost all the time and we sometimes talked,but we weren’t friends. Sometimes, we wouldn’t talk at all, but just look out the window. At least, he would do that. I usually looked at him, but he was oblivious.

Then one day I saw him kissing his classmate. I guess at that moment I just snapped and ran. He didn’t see me. He also didn’t tell me about his girlfriend and I never asked. Since then she was usually with him, so we didn’t talk at all or even sit next to each other.

When he graduated, i tried to search for him in social media and found him, but we never wrote to each other. I just looked at his photos, which were few.

While I was thinking about the past, our taxi stopped and we got out. Time to start this trip. Who knows, maybe I will meet a nice Italian.

But my thoughts were cut short when we went to check in desk and I saw a familiar shape there. I stopped with my mouth open and my best friends looked at me and then at the man in front of us. He was more muscular now, his black hair reached his shoulders, but his piercing green eyes were the same. He was just as surprised to see me. Two guys stood next to him and looked with confusion at him. Julia quickly took my hand and all but dragged me to the check in desk. The three men just stood and I could feel Dan’s eyes on me, but Martha didn’t let me look back. My two besties of course knew all about Dan. Over the years, they had tried to help me forget him , but I never could.

For now, I would have to bear being in the same flight with him. I just hope me and my friends could sit together, but there was a small chance, because we didn’t ask to be placed together.

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