Lonely Child Series

By @JaquelineBlood
Lonely Child Series

A small collection of short stories about children, tweens and teens who are loners.

Chapter 1

Lonely Child 1

No-one deserved to know my secret. They were all selfish people, always caught up in their own business. They wouldn’t care about other people, just the people on their phones were all that mattered. Not even their daughter was important. Not even me.

Sure, my family talks to me on my Profile, but except that, I’m just another person. I’m the only person that actually has feelings now I’m pretty sure. Okay, right. I’ll start right from the beginning.

I was seven when The Profile first started. At first people just accepted it and just looked at their phones as much as they had used to. A few months later everyone was like ***********! My parents bought me a phone when they actually cared for me and I used that occasionally to say hi to my friends and to tell my family when I was out or getting food or whatever. Gradually I watched the whole suburb of Alltaile become so addicted to this app that no-one physically talked anymore. I’m now eleven!

“Uh mum!” I asked one night. “What’s for dinner?” My once so caring mother didn’t even look up.

“Sweetie, this is really important. I need to finish this. Just give me a few minutes.” she said. I got up and crept around to the other side of the table and peered over her shoulder. She was texting my father… who was sitting across the table from her.

I went back round to my seat and took out my phone. What are we going to have for dinner? I texted to mum on her Profile. As quick as a flash the reply came back. Sorry Bub. I would have texted earlier, but I was telling your father about my new haircut. We’ll have some pasta!

Okay I texted back.

That is my daily life!

Okay. I don’t want to tell you my secret, but I feel like you’re the only one that doesn’t have Profile-itis (as I like to call it). Right, so my secret is that I am going to leave the planet and join the outcasts on Mars! I got the idea when the Profile first started. I read a story in a magazine about people teleporting to a different planet. Mars.

I looked at my phone for the last time on Earth. It beeped several times, indicating I had messages. I looked. Three from my mother saying the exact same thing- Do you want a pink bow or a purple one? Didn’t she know I hated those colours? The others were from my two best friends . The first one -from Emily- said Hey girl! You wanna *** ova tonite? I replied- No. Studying That was a lie. The other text was from Charlotte which said- Em asked if I want to come over. Are you coming? I replied with the exact same answer.

That night I brought out the rocket I had been making (It was only small, but I was skinny) and took it out into the garden. None of my family would see me launch. I lit the blasters full of fuel I had taken out of the car and climbed into the tiny cockpit, my diving gear on tightly, and my tin foil suit on top. None of my family would miss me, and I was going on an adventure.

“Brand new world here I come!” And I blasted off.

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