By @Ravi-Goswami

A couple's marriage plan fails because of the Coronavirus outbreak and they decide to marry after the virus is finished

Chapter 1

Short Story

Rajesh fell for Maya from day one when he joined the office. Maya also felt the same but took some time to reciprocate. They did not hide their feelings from the society, office or family. Everybody in the office accepted that this was an excellent pair.

Every Weekend they had some program like walking at the beach, going for a movie and having dinner together.

Maya’s Mom started asking about her plan of marriage.

One day Mom said, “Rajesh and you have been courting for two years now. I think you should marry now. I worry sometimes.”

Maya asked, “Why do you worry?

Mom replied,”I have heard, now breakup up is a trend. Pairs do breakups very casually. I am concerned about you. I fear lest Rajesh should take undue advantage of you and leave.”

Maya consoled her mother, “Mom, Rajesh is not that type of a man. He is studying for an MBA to advance his career in the future

His course will be completed by the end of the Feb 2020 and we can marry in March

The next day in the office Maya discussed the matter of marriage with Rajesh.

Rajesh held the hands of Maya and pulling her toward him said, “I can marry you any time. Even today I am ready.”

Maya said, “Be serious. I think we should not delay any further.My mom is worried because girls are more vulnerable.”

Rajesh said, ” We will fix the marriage date In consultation with our parents and unburden them.”

Maya said,” ok.”

The date was fixed 30 th March 2020.

But destiny decided to delay their wedding.

The Novel Corona virus infected some people in China and then speedily spread in the world including India. This became a pandemic. Marriage became doubtful.

On March 24,Past midnight Rajesh called Maya and said in a dramatic style, “Ye shadi nahin ho Sakti and 21 dins tak mujhse Milne ki koshish bhi mat Karna.”

Maya was aware of the countrywide lock-down so she said,” You also don’t try to meet me for the next three weeks.

Mom, dad, and Maya were sitting in the drawing-room watching the news channel Aajtak on TV. A few minutes before PM Narendra Modi had announced three weeks’ all India lock-down.

Rajesh said to Maya,” Give your phone to your mother.”

Maya gave her phone to mom saying, “Rajesh wants to talk to you.”

Rajesh said to Mayas Mom, “Mom, Please don’t worry I will marry your daughter Maya after defeating and finishing this villain Coronavirus by social distancing remaining inside our homes.”

Mom said, “Yes, God bless you son.” And she returned the phone to Maya.

Maya said, “Hello Rajesh. We can keep the distance and meet also.”

Rajesh said, “No, no don’t come out of your house.”

Maya said, “No need of coming out of the home. We can meet and interact in the cyber world.”

Rajesh said, “excellent.”

Maya said, “Thank you and good night.” She disconnected the phone.

Mom said, “Today we are late. Let us go to bed.

They said goodnight to one another and went to bed.


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