Little Surprises

By @Darkiplier-Demon-
Little Surprises

Jack moves to LA after what happened to his last relationship. The he moves in with Mark aka his big crush and things get a little emotional on the way then Jack get a positive point in his life. That will effect Marks and his life's forever!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Marks POV:

I ran into someone one on my daily walk, I was about to say ‘sorry’ when I looked down to see a little irishman with bright green hair and baby blue eyes.

“Jack?” I asked surprised.

“Hey Mark!” He answered.

“What are you doing in LA?” I looked at him confused.

“Just moved here from Ireland.”

“What? Why?” He smiled adorably and said.

“So I can be closer and do more collabs with you!” He pretty much jumped up and down.

“Oh..” I said still confused.

“Well I better be on my way.” He said.

“Ya ok bye…I love you.”

“What did you say?” I looked at him stuttering.


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