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An Ode of Forever Love

By @Joyful17

How deep and how wide?

Oh how long and how lasting?

Does Your love for me abide?

Can it cover my naked shame?

The sins that flow?

Does He truly know my name?

My heart, He knows?

Can it reach out,

When darkness shrouds

Can it find me

When confusion clouds?

Can it hold me fast?

As the waves tower high?

Can it, when the fire lasts?

When the desert runs dry?

Your love is as full as the sea

Larger then the sky

It overwhelms me

Brings tears to my eyes

That Someone could love me that deeply

Want me to the point of a cross

Treasure me completely 

When I am nothing but a loss

Marvelous and mighty!

Because your love has no end

It wraps me tightly

And You call me your friend.

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