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By @JustMonika13

Restart Part 1

Michael Blake peered through the bus’s window, pretending to be interested. The hot but rather annoying chick that was seated next to him chatted to her equally hot and annoying friend. He bit back a sigh and wished that he had a friend to talk to and sit next to.

But that was the consequence of moving to another state. His friends had moaned about how much they would miss him, how they would never see him again. But Michael knew better; they were glad to be rid of him, and so was he as he had always been disgusted by the parties they went and the girls they flirted with. They were a reason why he had decided to move.

However, it was still nice to have someone to sit next to and talk to. I should make some friends, he thought, I’ll make a nice one this time, girl or boy—

The bus halted suddenly, causing Michael to bang his head on the window. Oof.

“You should be more careful,” the girl beside him said, as if he was stupid.

“It’s not my ****** fault it halted so suddenly,” he snapped.

“Sorry ’bout tha’,” grunted the driver. “Drivin’ ter fast, I was.”

“C’mon, Colette, Preston’s waiting for us,” mumbled the girl’s friend.

“Alright alright,” sniffled Colette as she slid off the seat and followed her friend.

****** ****.

Michael himself got off with the others, taking in his surroundings as he did. It was big. Like really big. Even bigger than his old school! How impressive.

He stepped into the school. Christ, it’s big. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He studied it carefully before throwing at the wall in defeat.

“Um, are you alright?” a girl’s rather astonished voice asked.

“Sadly, no,” answered Michael gloomily. “Oh, and I’m also Michael. Michael Blake.”

“Addie Carson. You need help?” Addie asked, picking up the paper from the ground.

“What does it look like to you?”

“Oh look! You’re in the same class as Colette Menders! She’s really popular,” said Addie.

“Really? I met her on the bus and she was a rude thing.”

“Woah, are you sure? Maybe…maybe it was someone else.”

“Her friend called her Colette; I’m quite sure there’s only one Colette here.”

“Uh, um, how about we just get you to your first class?” suggested Addie nervously..

“Yeah, sure. I don’t mind,” replied Michael, still very gloomy.


“Thanks again for showing me where to go, Addie,” thanked Michael.

“No worries. You should get going, the bell already rang.”

“What about you?”

“I’ve got a free period ????.”

“Lucky. Guess I’ll see you at break. Bye.”

“See ya!”

As Addie ran off, Michael took a deep breath and opened the door, entering the classroom. All eyes turned to him. Wow, awkward.

“Sorry for being late. I’m new here,” explained Michael.

“It’s quite alright, seeing that you are new. I’m Mrs Tippet,” the teacher smiled nicely.

“You’re that boy on the bus who was rude to me?!” screeched a girl’s voice.

Aw ***.

“Um, hi I guess?”

“HI WHAT?!” yelled Colette.

“Okay, do me a favour and shut the *** up,” Michael said hotly.

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