Clairsentience - Short Story

By @apmoriarty21

Clairsentience - Short Story

By @apmoriarty21

My story is about a girl who gets into a car crash with her family, hits her head, and from then on, if she concentrates, she can actually close her eyes and be able to see and feel all living objects emotions and thoughts around her.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Car Crash

I don’t know what happened, but whatever had happened, I could feel everything alive outside of my body. I could feel the few animals and bugs that surrounded the road, off living their lives. But most importantly, I could feel Mom’s pain, and I could tell that whatever had happened if she didn’t get help soon, she would die. All I knew was that one moment we were driving along, and then suddenly the sky was dark with what looked like clouds. The wind was surrounding us, howling like an injured animal, and it felt as if we were upside down, as if gravity had just simply decided to abandon us. The last thing I remember is the world slowly fading into darkness, and feeling my conscience slipping away. 

I awoke feeling dazed and confused. Unsure of my exact whereabouts, but from what I can see, I am pretty sure that I am in a hospital. Sarah, my nurse, is very nice but worried me when she told me that she wasn’t allowed to tell me about my parents, because the doctors weren’t even sure how bad it was for them yet. She did tell me though, that Mom had woken up for about a minute, and had signed a sheet allowing the doctors to do surgery on her. Dad, I’m not too worried about him, just because I know that he is strong and because I have a sort of feeling that he will be ok. 

Today, the nurses told me that I was free to go, but since Mom and Dad are here too, I either have to stay with them, or I have to call somebody to pick me up. I really don’t know who to call, so I decided to just stay here and wait in Dad’s room for him to wake up. 

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